CC: The High Five

Although there were plenty of positives in the 66-10 win over Coastal Carolina, there were also a few negatives on Saturday. See them here.


1. Passing Lane: No matter where you stand on the quarterback situation (with coaches or players), it is hard to deny that Jay Paterno seemed to have both Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin prepared for the opener. Granted, it was only Coastal Carolina, but Clark came out throwing, mounting several scoring drives. Devlin did not see as much action, but hit a 40-yard strike with his first pass and looked crisp overall. Oh, and how about Clark with some nice progression reads and a look-off and check-down here and there?

2. Out And Running: Evan Royster took over where he left off last season — running hard and fighting for yardage. He had three touchdowns on only eight carries. Toss in Stephfon Green, who added two more touchdowns, and the running game showed an impressive spark out of the gate.

3. End Game: Aaron Maybin appeared to be shot out of a cannon regularly in this game, not only getting off the line quickly, but also using his speed and technique to tear into the pocket and disrupt or sack the quarterback.

4. Mis-Directional Signals: The use of speedy players like Green, Derrick Williams and converted wideout Chaz Powell created a lot of opportunities on offense. Powell showed impressive early promise on his big touchdown run. And hats off to Williams, who not only made plays, but also did a lot less dancing than past years on returns.

5. Power Line: Despite all the talk of the loss of Chris Baker and Phillip Taylor, the defensive line got a good, consistent rush and kept the CC quarterbacks on edge and running for their lives.


1. Are you there?: Kermit Buggs called it a "miscommunication." But the Coastal Carolina touchdown on the middle screen was of concern to many fans in FOS' in-game chat. Those zone coverages have to be buttoned down quickly.

2. Second the Motion: The secondary was on and off during the day, allowing some significant plays that continued drives that were eventually snuffed out. More talented teams will definitely take advantage of the holes regularly.

3. Mason Work: With the lead running quickly to 50-plus points, Glen Mason tried to note that despite the score, Coastal Carolina kept the game close. OK, if you say so.

4. Say What?: For those who did not catch the Big Ten Network broadcast, former PSU WR Kenny Jackson added a Lion flavor to the sideline reports. But he had some scratching their heads when he interviewed Franco Harris and Lydell Mitchell, saying one minute how "Paterno gives everyone a chance to play," then shifting gears to say "He's always been team first, making guys work for their spots."

5. Original Sin: I am all for getting the crowd riled up with tunes. But how about some originality, rather than taking the Red Sox's long standing seventh inning stretch tune of "Sweet Caroline." PSU should be making its own traditions rather than taking them from other teams.

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