CC: Report Card

See who made the grade and who has some work to do as we grade the Nittany Lions off Saturday's 66-10 win over Coastal Carolina.

OVERALL: We know the comp was not top of the line (or even close to it). But Penn State didn't make many mistakes and nobody got hurt.
Grade: A

OFFENSE: Wisely kept things relatively simple. No sense showing any more of the new offense than a few basics.
Grade: A

DEFENSE: Not bad overall. But the Lions sure looked a bit soft up the gut on occasion.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: As expected, Penn State dominated in just about every area.
Grade: A

COACHING: Got good work for a lot of players but also dialed it back when things got out of hand.
Grade: A-

INTANGIBLES: Can't say these came into play in this one.
Grade: NA

OTHER GUY: Pretty much what we expected. Some extra credit for fighting until the very end.
Grade: C+

OFFICIALS: Nothing really jumped out at us, which is always a good sign.
Grade: B+

CROWD: Feeble effort by the usually impressive student section.
Grade: C


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