Tackle Numbers His Favorites

Brandon Nixon, the huge offensive tackle from Pottstown, PA, names his top 3 teams in order. Where do the Nittany Lions rank?

Name: Brandon Nixon
Position: OL
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 320 pounds
Bench Press: 365 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.15
School: Pottstown HS, Pottstown, Pa.

Brandon Nixon has scheduled visits to his top 3 schools.  He will visit North Carolina State on December 6, Maryland on December 13 and Penn State on January 11.

He is also considering an official visit to Georgia Tech.

"They're still in the back of my mind," Brandon said.  "They were pretty high up there before, but as I'm learning more about all the other schools they keep falling down slightly."

Maryland is his slight favorite.

"Yeah, they kind of have an advantage so far.  I talked to all the coaches.  We have a pretty good relationship.  It seems like they're not just all about football, they're all about life, not just being a good football person, but being a good person."

Brandon listed Penn State as his second favorite team followed by NC State.

He did not take his scheduled unofficial visit to Penn State this past weekend to watch the Nittany Lions take on Michigan State.

"I was supposed to go up there, but something happened with my ride situation.  It was supposed to be me, my friend and my brother going up."

Brandon attended the Penn State/Northwestern game in October.  He also attended the Maryland/NC State game this year.

Coach Bill Kenney is recruiting Nixon for Penn State.

"I like their facilities.  The players are pretty cool too.  It's like the same deal [as with Maryland] basically."

Penn State is recruiting Brandon to play left tackle.  With freshman offensive tackle Brian Borgoyn no longer being able to continue his football career due to injury, the Nittany Lions need to sign several offensive lineman this recruiting season has gotten greater.

"They didn't tell me how many they were taking, they just told me they were small in numbers after this year.  They said I have a pretty good chance of playing."

What does Brandon think of the Penn State coaching staff?

"They're straight up.  They don't beat around the bush or anything.  They tell you how everything is straight up.  Some people extend the truth, but they tell the straight up truth.  That's good for me as a player to go in there with some straight up coaches."

What separates Penn State and Maryland right now?

"Probably just the major I want to take, Criminal Justice.  At Maryland, they have a really good Criminal Justice program."

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