Joe Murgo, Chief Meteorologist for WTAJ-TV, provides your gameday weather forecast for Saturday's Penn State-Oregon State clash. See what's on tap weather-wise for the Nittany Lions this weekend.

Penn State's first home game included little worries. No worry from an under matched opponent and no real worry from the weather, other than being quite warm. This week, Oregon State will bring more to the table and so will Mother Nature. Here in Pennsylvania many jump to conclusions that all tropical systems will bring flooding rains like what we had in 2005. However, if you actually do the research, you will find that there usually needs to be something extra for these systems to bring an extra heavy deluge this far inland. This extra is usually the stalling of the system, or a front stalled out across the region enhancing the clash between cool air to the north and the moist tropical air to the south. Neither will be the case this time around, though I would not put away all of the rain gear as of yet.

Our weather for the game on Saturday will be dependent on two things. Primarily, the remnants of Hanna, which will probably move onshore as a hurricane over North Carolina with the circulation passing to our east. The second thing will be a front approaching from the west, which I think will stall to our west. In between these two, there will be a zone where there will not be too much in the way of rainfall and we can be in that zone. That being said, I do think there will an easterly flow, plenty of clouds and some dampness for the game. It will also be cool with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70.

There may be some peeks of sunshine through the clouds for morning tailgates, but I believe the clouds will thicken throughout the midday with a "light" rainfall developing before the game with a "light" rain and mist lasting through the game and the postgame tailgates. You may wonder why I put quotes around the word light. The reason why is by all means, I believe this to be a light rainfall with most likely under a quarter inch of rainfall through 9 p.m. Saturday. That being said, I have yet to run into a person who would ever perceive any rain as light sitting in the stadium. I have people call drizzle a downpour, and with the water having no place to go, you will see some streams inside of the stadium with light amounts. Therefore, I would pack a jacket and some rain-gear for the game. As for wind, I believe the atmosphere will be stable enough for us to have a breeze from the north, but nothing that should hamper game play.

Of course, as of this writing, the system is still days away and a change in the track of this front or Hanna can result in less or more rainfall and wind.

Go Lions.

Joe Murgo is a 1990 graduate of Penn State and the Chief Meterologist for WTAJ-TV and


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