OregSt: The High Five

Penn State managed another big time win on Saturday, this time against the Oregon State Beavers. See what some of the high and low points of the game were in this one.

You would think that there would be a flurry of positives in a blowout win over the Pac-10, and that was just the case, but there were also some low points.


1. Clark on the Mark: Quarterback Daryll Clark had the offense firing on all cylinders, creating sparks with his arm and legs. Unlike last week, Clark took some scrambles in this one and really made some impressive plays all-around, ending the day with two passing touchdowns and another on the ground.

2. Net Gaines: Despite the significant losses this season on the defensive line, the unit stepped up, and the guy who really made some major plays was senior defensive end Josh Gaines, who tore up the OSU pocket on several occasions, grabbing several take-downs in the backfield.

3. Oh, Mickey Mickey Shuler stepped in at tight end and took advantage of the opportunity. Not known as one of the pass-catching tight ends compared to guys like Andrew Szczerba and Andrew Quarless, but he showed he has hands today making some big early catches, including the game's second touchdown. Think Quarless is kicking himself?

4. Royster's a Pearl: Despite having OSU stack the box and key off the run, Evan Royster shook off some early snuffs and rushed his way to 141 yards and three touchdowns - and is the first running back under Paterno to score six touchdowns in the first two games of a season.

5. Crowd Crowing: The crowd showed up in force despite some bad news earlier this week and threats of bad weather. Hats off to the Nittany Nation - and hats off to the Oregon State fans who showed up with a nice contingent of faithful.


1. Hayes Hurt: Jerome Hayes can't seem to catch a break as he went down in the fourth quarter with a knee injury and was carted off and visibly upset over the situation.

2. Split Time: Clark was hot, but Pat Devlin surprisingly did not see reps until late in the second half. He should see more early reps in the case where Clark gets injured.

3. Back It Up: It was also surprising the PSU coaches did not sit down the starters earlier in the second half. With the game well in hand early, the coaches could have gotten more valuable reps for the backups and not risked injury with key starters.

4. Same Ole, Same Ole: ABC clearly needs a new story angle aside from the one they have used since 1992 - famous people born the same year as Joe (yes, we know it's Queen Elizabeth and Hugh Heffner) and which came first the ball point pen or Paterno. Come on ABC put those interns to work and come up with something new.

5. Say What?: Is it any wonder they stuck Paul Maguire out on the sideline camera boom? He's tough to follow via TV and I am sure it's a treat for Griese and Nessler to have him there in person. "Who votes to put Paul on the camera boom?"

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