Jenkins Close to Narrowing His List

Maryland linebacker and his family are soaking up early-season football action to help make the cuts.

Wheaton, Md., linebacker Jelani Jenkins must struggle to remember the times when he didn't have to worry about football recruiting.

Schools all over the country have recruited Jenkins for the past year. After all that time, no one has been eliminated. Maurice Jenkins, Jelani's father, talked about how things may be narrowing down in the coming weeks.

“We should be narrowing things down to about 10 or 15 schools by the end of the month,” the elder Jenkins said. “Right now we are just talking to coaches and watching games on the weekends. Coaches can talk a lot about what they do in a scheme or what they will do, but watching the games on Saturdays gives you the best idea of how they operate. Once we feel comfortable with the list that we narrow things down to, we will contact all of the schools to let them know where they stand before we state anything publicly. That's out of respect for all of the schools.”

Jelani and his family were busy this summer visiting schools all over the country. But game-day visits are a different experience.

Maurice Jenkins suggested that perhaps the game-day visits weren't as important at this stage in Jelani's recruitment.

“We visited Virginia for their game against USC,” he said. “We got a look at two schools that have offered Jelani in that one. We haven't set up any more visits at this point, but we have been thinking about visiting Penn State for their game against either Illinois or Michigan. After we narrow things down, we don't feel the need to go see all of the schools again. At this point I think we have visited all of the schools and what are most important are the relationships that we build with the coaches.”

Look for more on Jelani Jenkins in the coming weeks as he contacts schools and narrows things down near the end of the month.

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