CALLING CARD: Daryll Clark

Daryll Clark tossed out a variety of answers to questions on his play, the wideouts, the offensive line, Syracuse and his relationship with Michael Robinson. Catch his comments here.

Daryll Clark fielded a variety of questions today on his conference call; on topics like the offensive line, Jordan Norwood, Deon Butler, Syracuse, his play so far, Evan Royster and his relationship with Michael Robinson.

On the feeling that the sky is the limit and the fun he is having:

"We're keeping it serious, but having a lot of fun. We have confidence in our players and captains and leaders. The feeling is true and we're showing it on the practice and game field and hopefully it continues."

On Jordan Norwood's success:

"He's a very hard worker - determined to get the job done. He's not that big, but he goes up and gets it. So far so good - the offense has been clicking."

On the role adversity has played for them:

"We have to get the job done no matter what. We need to go series in and series out. Three and outs are not goo, so long drives and points relieve that pressure."

On new schemes and looks recently:

"It makes us feel good. We're comfortable and that comes with repetition. We transfer that attitude and execution from practice to game."

On calling audibles so far:

"Didn't really have to audible. We have situations where we can..."

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