Hear what the Nittany Lion coach had to say to the media during his weekly press conference at Beaver Stadium Tuesday.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno held his weekly press conference at Beaver Stadium Tuesday. He touched on the performance of his 3-0 team to this point of the season, Saturday's home game with Temple and more.

Hear what he had to say at the link below.


Here is a recap of his comments:

1. Compare this Temple team to the ones from the past 2 years.

This is the best Temple team that Joe has seen. They are the best team Penn State has played this year. They're disciplined. They're extremely well coached. A heck of a quarterback who had committed to Penn State but then decided to play baseball. This will be a really good football team Penn State will face on Saturday.

2. Evaluate Jared Odrick's play and are you concerned about Brandon Ware's weight.

Yes, Joe is concerned about Ware's weight. He's about 370 pounds but he needs to be about 325-330 pounds. He can be a really good football player but irrespective of that, he's going to have health problems if he can't control his weight.

Jared has played really well. He is very athletic for a guy his size. He's doing very, very well. The only thing he needs to do is improve his conditioning. He can't play a lot of snaps in a row without getting tired, but that's because he missed so much practice and conditioning time recovering from the ankle injury.

3. How good do you think this team can be?

Joe doesn't know yet. Everything has gone PSU's way so far. You'd like to think you're pretty good, but until you get into a game where you can't get easy scores… They'll have that against Temple this weekend. They won't beat themselves. They line up well, hustle and execute their plays.

From now on, Penn State will have to earn everything. Joe wants to wait until after this week to make any kind of pronouncements about how good the team can be.

4. Evaluate Adam DiMichele and compare him to the other quarterbacks you have faced.

DiMichele makes that team go. He's their leader. He makes the plays. Oregon State's quarterback is probably the best one they have faced prior to DiMichele, but they got down quickly and couldn't recover.

DiMichele is better than any of the quarterbacks they've faced so far.

5. Are you concerned that your starters haven't had to play four quarters yet?

At the beginning of the season, Joe was concerned about depth at certain spots. Defensive line wasn't one of those concerns until all of the injuries and off the field stuff happened. Your down guys have to be able to bring pressure every down. When you watch the substitutions, the defensive line guys are in and out all the time. Larry Johnson does a really good job with them.

6. What are some of the signs that a team might be looking ahead and what can you do to stop it?

Talk, rant and rave. Joe has been pleased with the attitude of the football team. They've been all business. Joe will be surprised if the team looks ahead after watching tapes of Temple and realizing how good they are.

7. Do you have any idea of how serious Lucian's injury is? Will Koroma and Evans practice this week?

Lucian has a chance to play this weekend. He did very well for a guy that had only practiced at defensive tackle for a week. He likes playing defense and he's a smart kid and picked things up quickly. No comment

8. Do you see any similarities in the way Al Golden coaches to the way you coached him?

That wouldn't be fair to Al. He's always been a bright guy. He will coach the way he feels is best, not the way Joe Paterno would coach.

9. Do you take any extra pride when a walk-on like Josh Hull earns a scholarship and becomes a starter?

If Joe were Josh and started at the bottom and worked his way up to be a leader on a pretty good football team, he should feel some pride.

10. How do you prepare for coaching against former assistants?

Joe doesn't look at it as coaching against a particular coach. You have to look at the players you're coaching against, the matchups, the style of play they've shown on the field. You look at what you can be sure about, and that's the players that will play the game. You look at their schemes, what they want to do offensively and defensively. You don't worry about the coach.

11. Devlin played early in the game Saturday and had immediate success. What effect did that have on his psyche?

Pat didn't need any self-esteem boost. He's a very confident, talented quarterback. He's been doing really well in practice and Joe told him before the game that he would get in there early regardless of whether Daryll played well or not. Joe had made up his mind after Wednesday's practice that Devlin would play.

12. Deon Butler said that the starters are fresh because they haven't played deep into the second half. DO you see it that way?

They should be fresh. That's a luxury if you can get the starters out early. The only concern is that you normally play the team into shape. You have to be careful not to tire them out in practice trying to make up for the fact that the starters didn't get as many plays as you expected.

13. Is it possible to keep the motivation level the same on a week-to-week basis?

Joe thinks so. The coaches have a procedure for each practice and that's good because the kids can anticipate what is going to happen each day. You don't want to waste their time on the practice field because that's when they get bored.

Things change each week a little bit based on the opponent, but the procedure remains the same. Joe doesn't think it's a problem to keep the motivation level up.

14. How important have Williams, Butler and Norwood been to the success of the last few years?

Butler and Norwood were not among the one or two guys Joe was talking about in 2004 when he said the program was only a couple of players away. Williams and Justin King were the guys he meant. They were two of the most sought after kids in the country. The end result has been that Williams, Butler and Norwood have made a huge difference. And Michael Robinson doesn't get enough credit. Joe was not a big fan of Robinson at QB because he didn't like his throwing motion. Jay kept saying they would be fine and Robinson became the Most Outstanding Player in the conference.

15. Would you still characterize the quarterback situation as fluid?

Joe doesn't know what he's going to do yet. He felt after Wednesday that he wanted to get Devlin into the game last week. They've only had one practice this week and he hasn't seen enough Temple tapes to know what they should do yet. Joe doesn't like to tie himself down to something when he doesn't have to.

If the three quarterbacks came to him and asked the same question

16. What's the strategy behind having Anthony Scirrotto return punts deep in your own territory?

Williams was a little bit hurt on Saturday and until the fumble, Scirrotto has been sure-handed. When they're in a situation where the offense will actually punt it or might fake one, you want someone back there who can cover a receiver if necessary. Scirrotto being a safety would be better reacting to passes than Williams.

17. Is there any thought of making a change after the fumble?

Joe doubts there will be a change.

18. What's your philosophy with calling timeouts near the end of the half when you have a big lead?

Field position plays into it. Syracuse had the ball near their 30-yard line. If they had gotten a couple of first downs, the timeouts would not have been used. They missed on third down and they had time to move down the field. And they did move it down and kick the field goal.

Once you think you can get the ball back with enough time to move down field and score, you use those timeouts to try and preserve time.

19. What does it mean to have three former players turn Temple into a respectable program?

Al Golden was a team captain in 1990. Mark D'Onofrio was a fiery guy and a good kid. Joe hopes things go well for them, just not this Saturday. They've had two tough losses. That Connecticut game, they were down near the goal line and got a bad call against them. Buffalo's a good football team too and they lost that game on a Hail Mary.

20. Thoughts on Graham Spanier inviting Michael Madeira to speak to the freshman student-athletes.

He's the president of the university. If he feels something needs to be said to the athletes, then he has a responsibility to make that happen. He's got a responsibility to the university community and the townspeople. If he felt that bringing Madeira in to talk to the student-athletes would help, then he has to do it. Joe doesn't know what Madeira said or whether the freshman football players attended the talk.

21. Talk about the progress of your linebackers, particularly Bowman and Gbadyu.

Ron Vanderlinden is doing a really good job with them. Bowman and Gbadyu are not quite as comfortable as they will become. They've got to get a little better anticipation as to what offenses are going to do so that they can play a step faster. Stupar is going to be good. Hull is good. The linebackers are not anywhere near as good as they're going to be.

22. How tough is it to find long snappers?

Sometimes you don't have one and you have to make one. The kickers and the quarterbacks and the centers go out onto the practice field 15 minutes before everyone else. The quarterbacks and centers work on the center exchange and shotgun snaps. You spend a lot of time on it. Every once in a while a kid sees an opportunity to make the team by long snapping.

Larry Federoff did that. He walked on and wanted to play fullback. When that wasn't going to get him on the field, he became a long snapper and is doing a good job. He was shaky early, but he's gotten much better.


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