PSU PLAYBOOK: Strike to Brackett

It was a slow start for Penn State on Saturday against Temple. But less than a minute into the second quarter, Daryll Clark hit Brett Brackett for a touchdown that sparked the blowout. See how the touchdown broke down here in our exclusive PSU Playbook.

Although slow out of the gates against Temple, Penn State finally got into a groove from the outset of the second quarter. After no points in the first quarter Saturday, it took the Lions merely 30 seconds in the second quarter to put points on the board. The play, a 20-yard strike from Daryll Clark, was Brett Brackett's first PSU career touchdown.

You can see the play at the 47-second mark in the video below:

Clark to Brackett Temple TD Strike

The basic formation is a shotgun set with Derrick Williams and Stephfon Green in the backfield flanking Clark on either side. This formation is a staple of the "Spread HD" scheme and, in this situation, draws in the Temple linebackers who are seemingly expecting a run given the speed PSU has loaded in the backfield.

The 6-foot-6 Brackett motions from left to right in the formation and aligns himself behind the right tackle, taking on the appearance of a blocker as he angles his stance 45 degrees.

The set also spreads out the defense with Jordan Norwood and Deon Butler (out of the frame pictured) on the wings.

On the snap, Green shifts left to right for added protection of Clark as Williams hits a short, wide route to the right, which freezes the left outside linebacker who pulls up to stay in his zone, forcing him to release Brackett who hits an out route.

Williams streaks down the wing, pulling up the coverage on Norwood and drawing any defensive help away from Brackett, who continues his streak route.

The offensive line does a solid job picking up the initial Temple surge and shifting it wide left for the play to develop. Unengaged after pulling short to block, Green then accelerates on a similar route Williams took to serve as a check-down target in the case Brackett, Norwood and Williams are unavailable.

The right outside linebacker for Temple remains in his zone, in case Clark decides to tuck the ball and run a misdirection route to the left of the formation.

With the Temple safeties focused on the wings, Brackett stops and sets at the 5-yard line in a no-coverage zone after the safety fails to pick up the zone release from the linebacker.

Clark deliver a sharp pass to him. He then rolls left, lowers a shoulder, running over the engaging defender and dragging three Owls into the end zone.

The play, a bread-and-butter set of PSU's scheme, used a combination of motion (Brackett's shift), deception (Green and Williams in the backfield) and misdirection (Williams streaking wide and short to force the release of Brackett). is simply THE best source for exclusive, inside coverage of Penn State football.


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