PSU PLAYBOOK: Williams' Wheel Route

See how Penn State's multipurpose threat broke free on a wheel route earlier this season.

One of the new formations Penn State is using with its Spread HD offense includes the quarterback lining up in the shotgun between a pair of tailbacks.

In a PSU Playbook earlier this week, we showed how the Nittany Lions scored a touchdown out of the formation by hitting receiver Brett Brackett down the middle for a touchdown.

In this version, the Lions use a similar formation, with Daryll Clark in the gun, Stephfon Green to his left and Derrick Williams to his right.

The only significant difference between the two sets is that on the Brackett score, he went in motion, while in this one wideout Jordan Nowrood went in motion. But at the snap of both plays, the key figures were essentially in the same place.

Please note that the play we show below took place in the Oregon State game. The Brackett TD was against Temple. It is pretty easy to see how Williams' play here may have helped set the stage for Brackett's success two weeks later.


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