PSU PLAYBOOK: Clark Interception

Ball protection is said to be vital for PSU in Columbus this Saturday. Get a look at what went wrong on Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark's first pick of the season in this photo breakdown.

OK, so we've been accused of only ever running PSU Playbook features — either photo gallery versions or still captures of videos — on positive plays the Nittany Lions happen to make.

Our official corporate response:

Very good point.

We're nothing if not open to suggestions from subscribers. So when folks asked if we could take a closer look at some of Penn State's mishaps, we thought that made a lot of sense.

Here you go. This is a photo gallery breakdown of Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark's first interception of the season, against Temple last week.

Was the pick due to a mistake by Clark? A great play by the defense? Some combination of the two?

Check it out below.

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