RECRUIT REPORT: White House Invitation

Saturday's prime-time White House game will play host to a variety of recruits. See who is slated to make the trip to Happy Valley to experience the game.

The Illini are not the only ones Penn State will play host to this Saturday for their prime-time game. The Nittany Lions will also have a variety of recruits make the trip to Happy Valley to take in the game. Keep in mind that this list is fluid and could change, but as of now here are the recruits we have confirmed are planning on making the game:

Class of 2009

Eric Shrive
Curtis Drake
Stephon Morris
Devon Smith
Derrick Thomas
Justin Brown
Raymond Maples
Glenn Carson
Christian Kuntz
Sean Stanley
Darrell Givens
Malcolm Willis

There have been rumblings that Travis Hawkins, Jason Ankrah and Tyree Watkins may make the trip, but we have yet to confirm their plans.

Class of 2010

Paul Jones
Andrew Carswell
Mike Hull

Again, keep in mind that this list will be very fluid as guys back out or decide they are going.

As of right now, Jelani Jenkins and his family have not yet decided if they will be attending Saturday or if they will wait until the Michigan game.


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