PURDUE: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed big time in Penn State's win over the Boilermakers? Check it out as we hand out grades.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — No. 6 Penn State beat Purdue 20-6 here Saturday. Read on for our grades from the game.

OVERALL: It may not have been a thing of beauty, but it probably helped this team to have to grind out a win.
Grade: B

OFFENSE: Picked a good day not to be clicking on all cylinders. Which brings us to the next department…
Grade: C+

DEFENSE: Picked a good day to play its best game of the year. It's official: Joe Paterno has Joe Tiller's number.
Grade: A

SPECIAL TEAMS: Solid all around, especially considering the kicking-game antics Purdue suffered.
Grade: B+

COACHING: We thought PSU got too cute on some of those third-down plays. Overall, though, the group did a good job even though the head man was in the press box.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: One got the sense the Boilermakers came on the field knowing they were going to lose.
Grade: B+

OTHER GUY: Sad to see this happening in Tiller's last year. But the Big Ten has obviously caught up to his once-innovative ways.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: Don't think they made an impact either way. Though it was curious that while being dominated, Purdue did not commit a single penalty.
Grade: B

CROWD: Lots of empty seats and seemed like a good number of folks missed the memo about the Blackout.
Grade: D-


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