ONE-ON-ONE: Clark vs. Robinson

All season PSU fans have compared current PSU quarterback Daryll Clark with legendary signal-caller Michael Robinson. Get a look at how the two compare through 12 games - 2005 vs. 2008.

Clark and Robinson, though different in style, each had seasons at the PSU helm which had strong reflections of each other. Both quarterbacks received strong praise from the conference; Clark as a first team All-Big Ten quarterback and Robinson as the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. Both barely missed undefeated seasons; Clark by a point, Robinson by two seconds. And both lead their teams to BCS bowl berths.

However, despite all the similarities, their styles and points of success certainly vary. Here is how Daryll Clark (DC) and Michael Robinson (MR) stack up statistically through twelve games of the 2008 and 2005 seasons, respectively.

Keep in mind both quarterbacks share a 11-1 record at the this point of their respective seasons. Also, the Nittany Lions get an extra game for the 2008 edition of their team over the 2005 squad.


Efficiency: MR 162/311 (52%) DC 171/285 (60%)
Yards: MR 2350 DC 2319
Yards per Completion: MR 14.5 DC 13.6
Touchdowns: MR 16 DC 17
Interceptions: MR 10 DC 4


Attempts: MR 144 DC 72
Yards: MR 710 DC 311
Yards per Attempt: MR 4.9 DC 4.3
Touchdowns: MR 10 DC 9
Fumbles: MR 12/7 DC 10/5 is THE source for exclusive analysis and inside coverage of Penn State football.


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