WIS: Lions Blowout Badgers 48-7

Updates on what is going down before, during and after Penn State's matchup with the Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium.

No. 6 Penn State puts its unbeaten record on the line against Wisconsin in Madison Saturday. And we'll be updating the action right here.

But sure to check back for running reports on the game.

Pregame Notes:

• PSU coach Joe Paterno, who is battling a sore right leg, entered the stadium with the aid of a can. He went straight to the PSU locker room.

• PSU senior receiver Jordan Norwood was on the field in warmup gear before any of his teammates. He was running and cutting, apparently tested the sore hamstring that kept him out of the Lions' previous two games. He looked fine.

• PSU tight ends Andrew Quarless and Mickey Shuler are both warming up and look like they will be OK to play.


PSU's defense managed three and out and then started to mount a drive with a big pass over the middle to Brackett. However, after a big dropped pass by Williams and a mishandled snap, the Lions had to punt the ball back.

Penn State snuffed out another quick UW drive. On the next possession they tossed out a few different wrinkles and managed to score first on a 50-yard Kelly field goal.

Penn State 3 Wisconsin 0

PSU forced another three and out and gave the ball right back on a punt. The defense forced another three and out and got the ball back at midfield.


At the start of the second Royster had a nie big first down run and Norwood made his return, grabbing a nice first down catch from Clark on a play action rollout.

Clark broke down to the 3-yard line with a nice carry off an option read. After a small misstep, PSU got in on a nice option to Royster.

Penn State 10 Wisconsin 0

The defense swarmed all over another three and out. On the next punt Williams made up for his earlier drops with a 63-yard touchdown return.

Penn State 17 Wisconsin 0

Wisconsin mounted a nice drive inside the ten and ended up scoring a touchdown.

Penn State 17 Wisconsin 7

PSU gave the ball back on the next drive forcing Wisconsin down inside their own 10. On the first snap Aaron Maybin forced a fumble. A pass interference call got them inside 5-yard line. A nice second effort run by Clark got PSU another touchdown.

Penn State 24 Wisconsin 7

First Downs: PSU 7 UW 6
Total Yards: PSU 123 UW 156
Rushing Yards: PSU 50 UW 50
Passing Yards: PSU 73 UW 106
Total Plays: PSU 28 UW 35
Penalties: PSU 0/0 PU 4/32
Turnovers: PSU 0 PU: 1
TOP: PSU 13:34 PU: 16:16


Clark: 5 for 10, 50 yards, 5 carries, 8 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 11 carries, 58 yards, 1 TD
Norwood: 1 catch for 20 yards
Brackett: 1 catch for 20 yards
Williams: 2 catches for 6 yards, 63 yard TD punt return


Penn State marched right down the field on the arm and legs of Clark, who punched it in from the three on a draw and scored.

Penn State 31 Wisconsin 7

After snuffing another Wisconsin drive, Clark converted on a third and 20, deep inside their own ten yard line. Penn State scored once again on a 44-yard TD pass to Butler.

Penn State 38 Wisconsin 7

On the next drive Evridge forced a throw and was picked off by Lydell Sargeant.

PSU drove down and closed the drive with a Kelly field goal.

Penn State 41 Wisconsin 7


Wisconsin mounted another drive inside the PSU 30, but after a questionable overturned Rubin interception, Maybin managed to strip the ball and snuff out the Badger drive.

After a few trade off punts, Clark got a break for Devlin, who managed to sneak in another score.

Penn State 48 Wisconsin 7


First Downs: PSU 22 UW 14
Total Yards: PSU 377 UW 313
Passing Yards: PSU 271 UW 165
Rushing Yards: PSU 106 UW 148
Total Plays: PSU 65 UW 69
Penalties: PSU 1/7 PU 8/72
Turnovers: PSU 1 PU: 3
TOP: PSU 31:16 PU: 28:44


Clark: 16 for 26, 244 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 6 carries, 12 yards, 2 TD
Royster: 14 carries, 60 yards, 1 TD
Norwood: 3 catches for 59 yards
Butler: 3 catches for 70 yards, 1 TD
Brackett: 1 catch for 20 yards
Williams: 4 catches for 26 yards, 63 yard TD punt return

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