WIS: Report Card

See who passed and who failed miserably as the Nittany Lions thumped the Badgers in Madison Saturday.

MADISON, Wis. — No. 6 Penn State crushed 48-7 Wisconsin here Saturday. Despite winning in impressive fashion, there were a few nits worth picking when the smoke cleared.

There was sloppy play early. The ground game produced only 116 yards. Badger backup quarterback Dustin Sherer was effective late.

The point here is not to accentuate the negative, but rather to note that as lopsided as this game was, the Nittany Lions were far from perfect. For the rest of the Big Ten, it must be a bit frightening to imagine what PSU is capable of if it pulls everything together.

That's something to chew on while considering our report card from Saturday's big win.

OVERALL: Can't imagine the Badgers have been manhandled to this extent at home very often.
Grade: A+

OFFENSE: Wisconsin was giving Penn State the pass and the Nittany Lions took it. And took it. And took it.
Grade: A

DEFENSE: Strong all-round effort and four takeaways, including a pair of picks by Lydell Sargeant.
Grade: A

SPECIAL TEAMS: Kicking. Punting. Coverage. Returns. The Lions dominated every facet.
Grade: A

COACHING: Joe Paterno and company continue to push all of the right button.
Grade: A+

INTANGIBLES: Great job of never allowing the Camp Randall Stadium crowd to be a serious factor.
Grade: A

OTHER GUY: The Badgers were punched in the mouth and didn't respond.
Grade: D

OFFICIALS: Seemed to get most of the key calls right.
Grade: B

CROWD: Tough to be a factor when you don't have anything to cheer.
Grade: C-


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