Monday Morning Fullback

Former Penn State fullback Matt Hahn gives his insight on the Nittany Lions' easy win against Wisconsin in Madison.

Welcome to the latest installment of's Monday Morning Fullback, where former Penn State football player Matt Hahn breaks down the Nittany Lions' most recent game. You've heard of Monday morning quarterback. Well, in covering PSU football, we think hearing from a fullback is more appropriate. And who better to chime in than Hahn, one of the more versatile, intelligent and selfless power backs in school history.

GENERAL THOUGHTS: I went into this game thinking Penn State was going to be challenged for the first time all season. That did not happen, as Penn State dominated every aspect of the game and looked as good as any team in the country. At this point you have to think that Penn State is a legitimate national champion contender with a legitimate shot to run the table. So far this season Penn State has been one of the elite teams flying under the radar. Well, not anymore. This game has opened the nation's eyes and the Lions will be in the center of all national championship talk from here on out.

GAME MVP: Again I have to give the MVP to quarterback Daryll Clark. Running, throwing and leading, Clark is doing it all and making it look easy. He is not only winning games but also winning support of people around the country who are now throwing him into the Heisman Trophy mix.

KEY PLAY: Derrick Williams' 63-yard punt return that opened up the floodgates in a somewhat tight game at that point. Williams' return swung moment in favor of the Lions and they never looked back. Special teams plays such as this separate great teams from good teams.

WHAT I LIKED: Kevin Kelly's 50-yard field goal to open up the scoring. Kelly was not only impressive this game but has been impressive all season, missing only one field goal and hitting on every extra point. Kelly is a much-needed weapon for a team that is starting to turn heads. If the Lions continue their success the rest of the season they are more than likely going to have to count on Kelly for some more big kicks. Think 2005.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: To be honest there is nothing I didn't like about Penn State's performance in Madison. I did have issues with Wisconsin's offense, though. Is there a more boring attack out there in college football? We know Wisconsin is a power offense, but come on. When the Wisconsin offense was on the field I thought I was watching a replay from 1950, the only thing missing was a toss sweep with the quarterback leading. All kidding aside, the Badgers' “strength” was no match for Penn State's speed and athleticism.

DID YOU NOTICE: Clark beating himself up on the sideline over his only interception. Usually interceptions are not positive plays, but I think Clark's reaction was a good thing in that it shows he strives for perfection.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I've heard some talk about Penn State throwing the ball late on Wisconsin in a blowout; even Todd Blackledge mentioned something toward the end of the game about maybe it being a little much. Here is my opinion: remember two years ago when Brett Bielema decided to have his kickoff coverage unit go offside on purpose two times in a row? Well, I think Penn State was sending a message late in this game and Wisconsin deserved it.

Matt Hahn was a four-year letterman at Penn State, averaging 4.5 yards per carry and 7.9 yards per catch in his career (2004-07). He was one of the key blocking backs for 1,000-yard rushers Tony Hunt and Rodney Kinlaw. He is one of the few players in school history to register touchdowns on the ground, through the air and after recovering a blocked punt.


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