Derrick Williams once again put his explosive skills on display as he broke open another return for a touchdown, this time against Wisconsin. Get the review here.

At the 10:11 mark of the second quarter Penn State was holding onto a 10-0 lead over Wisconsin, thanks to a 2-yard touchdown option from from Daryll Clark to Evan Royster just 35 game seconds earlier.

After snuffing out the ensuing Badger drive Derrick Williams created the added spark the Nittany Lions needed, busting open a 63-yard touchdown run to go ahead 17-0 in Camp Randall. You can see the play at the 21-second mark of this video.

At the outset of his return Williams (2) sees that the coverage is spread somewhat wide with the brunt of the surge coming from his left side. He immediately adjustS, taking off right.

At this point Williams makes his left shift, allowing his initial blockers — Lydell Sargeant (10), Knowledge Timmons (4), Drew Astorino (28) and Andrew Dailey (13) — to pick up the left rush and take out four defenders to give Williams a bit of breathing room. But it's not for long. Astorino has a massive collision, creating havoc in the pile. You can see in the lower part of the frame Wisconsin FB Sam Spitz (42) closing in on Williams with a sharp pursuit angle.

Spitz is not the only defender Williams has to worry about, though. Although he is focused on the fullback, he narrowly escapes the grasp of WR Daven Jones (13), who makes a nice inside cut and dives to grab Williams. Spitz (42) has a good angle on Williams and he appears as if he'll be able to cut off Williams' route.

Williams' sheer speed is no match for the 245-pound freshman, though. Williams turns on the jets and blows right by him, angling for the right sideline and an open lane.

At this point Williams has some open space and several escorts, including Joe Suhey (37), Brandon Beachum (25), who is sizing up Badger LB Culmer St. Jean (15, who seems to want no part of the action) and Nate Stupar (34), who is engaging the Wisconsin punter, the last man to beat.

As the punter takes a face plant, Williams has a clear path to the end zone with an escort of five Nittany Lions protecting his flank and not a Wisconsin defender in sight.

Williams crosses the goal line as Beachum enthusiastically points to Williams praising his explosive run. is THE source for exclusive, unique, inside coverage of Penn State football.


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