CALLING CARD: Jordan Norwood

Jordan Norwood fielded questions in his Wednesday morning conference call. See what he had to say about Daryll Clark, Michigan's defense, 2005 vs. 2008 and just what is said in the huddle on a third and 20 situation.

Jordan Norwood fielded questions today in his Wednesday morning conference call. Get a recap of his comments here.

On his hamstring:

"[The] hamstring is great. It's good to get back on the field. I was a little nervous getting back out there, but it was great to get back and get a win."

On the play of the offense so far:

"We don't let anything phase us. We were third and 20 backed up and I don't think anyone was worried about not getting the [first down]. We're just focused."

On the high ranking:

"It's a bit exciting, but we don't pay too much attention to it, since it doesn't mean anything at this point."

On the mobility of Clark and what it does for the WRs:

"His mobility adds a lot for the wideouts - it means the play is...

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