MICHIGAN: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short in Penn State's win over Michigan Saturday? Check out our grades for the lowdown.

OVERALL: This kind of bumbling slow start will spell disaster in the Horseshoe. But give Penn State credit for rallying in impressive fashion.
Grade: B

OFFENSE: The Lions rushed for 231 yards and passed for 251 yards. Even with the early mistakes, can't be too tough on this group.
Grade: B

DEFENSE: Not sure what was up with the nickel and poor tackling in the first quarter. But another area where the troops rallied in impressive fashion.
Grade: B-

SPECIAL TEAMS: Penn State had the edge in nearly every area here. Very good sign.
Grade: A

COACHING: Hard to quibble with a 29-point win. So we won't.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: Penn State didn't allow the specter of a 10th-straight loss to the Wolverines have an impact in this one.
Grade: A

OTHER GUY: Michigan came out and punched No. 3 Penn State in the mouth. But the Wolverines could never deliver the KO haymaker.
Grade: C

OFFICIALS: Still trying to figure out how an official right on top of the play AND a replay official both waved off Deon Butler's TD.
Grade: C-

CROWD: Seemed to be taken out of the game early. But like the offense and defense, rallied in the second half.
Grade: B

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