Joe Paterno fielded questions Tuesday on Penn State's pending road clash with the Buckeyes. Get a recap and listen to his comments here.

Hear what Joe Paterno had to say as his Penn State team prepares to head to Columbus to face Ohio State on Saturday.


Get a recap of his comments here:

1. Can you compare Ohio State's offense with Illinois?

Joe hasn't done that. He tries to look at the people they're going to play each week rather than looking back. Joe thinks the quarterbacks have different running styles. Pryor is so smooth. He's on the edge so much and he's so dangerous when he gets out there. They do things differently in different situations. The offense Joe saw Ohio State show against Michigan State was different than what they had shown previously on tape. They're just starting to emerge.

2. Evaluate Mike Mauti's progress.

He's getting better all the time. He had a great reputation in high school. His dad was a heck of a guy here. His older brother is a walk-on. Each week, he's getting better. He's made good progress but he still has a way to go.

3. What have you seen of Terrelle Pryor?

He's a heck of a player right now. He's got everything you need to be a great player. He's got poise, he handles pressure well. Each week, he's getting better. He's a heck of an athlete. He will be one of the really good quarterbacks to come out of Pennsylvania.

4. Tony Davis doesn't get a lot of attention. How has he handled the move back to cornerback?

He's played a lot of football here. He's getting a little more aggressive this year than he has been previously. He is a quiet kid. He comes to practice every day and works hard. He's starting to feel good about himself and now he's really become a heck of a football player. He was at corner, then got moved to safety and now he's back at corner and playing well.

5. How much do you ask of your scout team to replicate what the opponent can do and who is playing the roles of Pryor and Wells?

On Sundays, the coaches decide who will be on the foreign team and who will play key roles. You can't expect kids on the foreign team to be able to mimic athletes like Pryor and Wells exactly. Pryor is a heck of a competitor. You don't see that necessarily because he's so smooth. You look around the squad and try to identify who can mimic some of the things that an opponent does and get them to look at tapes of the opponent so that they can show some of the things that the opponent runs on offense. Sometimes you have somebody that matches up. Sometimes you don't.

6. Are there any qualities with this team that have made them more successful on the road than some previous teams?

That's a bad wrap on the previous teams. Joe thinks the program has been pretty good on the road. They have played some good games, but had some bad luck.

7. What do you make of the BCS system?

Joe's for a playoff, but that's not going to happen. They have to try to do they best they can to get recognition. They're playing Ohio State this week, not the BCS.

8. How pleased are you with Kevin Kelly's consistency?

The kicking game has been good and Kevin has been a big part of that. He's a fine kicker and he's feeling really good about himself. It will probably come down to something in the kicking game this weekend. He's a fine kicker and a great kid.

9. Do you still feel that Ohio State's size and strength could be a deciding factor again this year as it was in last year's game? What has changed?

The wideouts are more experienced. The quarterback has given Penn State another dimension that they didn't have last year. Ohio State was the only team that Joe felt was better than Penn State last year. He doesn't see anything different this year. Jim Tressel has done a great job recruiting. He has gotten a lot of great players to stay home. Joe thinks this team is close to Ohio State.

10. Do you prepare for the possibility of Todd Boeckman playing?

You have to be ready. It's hard to think that as well as they played last week that they would be thinking of doing something else at the quarterback spot. If Terrelle gets a bump or bruise, then Boeckman can come in and do a good job.

11. Does Mike Lucian's unselfish attitude rub off on the rest of the squad?

Joe hopes it does. He thinks it does. It might not affect every single player. There is an attitude on this team that they think they can be pretty good and will do what is needed to get there. Lucian has played hurt as well.

12. How confident are you that you'll have Scirrotto available?

Joe doesn't know. They will know more tomorrow. The indications are that he'll probably be OK.

13. How is your health?

If we've got a choice of who's healthy, Paterno or Scirrotto, let's get Scirrotto healthy. Joe will have the doctors take a look at his leg during the off week.

14. Can you talk about what Daryll Clark has meant to the team?

It's obvious. He's a strong leader, a very good athlete, a tough kid. He's got a nice way about things in the huddle. He takes the blame for things he doesn't have to. He has worked hard to develop a touch. He gives PSU a quarterback they can win with against whoever they play. He can't do it by himself.

Morelli didn't have quite the support. The offensive line is so much steadier and cohesive. Royster has turned out to be a heck of a good tailback. A lot of things have come together but Clark is the guy that everyone appreciates just how good an athlete and leader he is.

15. How pleased are you with how Clark bought into the program?

Joe can't take any credit for that. It's Jay who gets that credit. Joe wanted to back away from Daryll because he didn't think he would be able to handle the academics. The first guy to get the credit is Daryll himself. He could have gone somewhere else. Joe told him that he shouldn't come to Penn State unless he was willing to work hard on his academics. It's a good story. It's great to see a kid do that and go to Kiski. In fact, he owed money after leaving Kiski. He had to make it happen himself. The guy that kept encouraging him was Jay.

16. How good do you feel for the players to have a chance to play for something big this season?

It's great because this team has worked so hard. They now have a chance to playa big game against a really good football team. A chance that all of them have dreamed about. It's exciting. It's something they should enjoy. Just go out and have some fun. It ought to be a great Saturday of college football for both schools.

17. How much was the insertion of Gbadyu and Mauti to get more speed on the field and would you do the same thing if Ohio State has early success?

It depends on how Ohio State has success. The linebackers weren't bad against Michigan early. The down linemen had problems because of the pace of the game. They were on the linemen, but once the line got adjusted to the tempo and Michigan's scheme, the linebackers didn't have people on them right away.

It's great to have depth like that to be able to stick young kids in there and let them

18. How is Stefen Wisniewski's health and will Devon Still be able to play this season?

Wisniewski is fine. Still should be able to practice in another couple of weeks. He works really hard in the weight room and in rehab.

19. Why did you play Lucian in place of Wisniewski during the Michigan game?

Dick Anderson wanted to get him in there and get Lucian some playing time since he had bounced around to other positions and needed some work. They were in pretty good shape at that point. It's hard to say whether Lucian will get in there this week. It depends on how things go. He's good enough to play though.

20. What will you tell Daryll Clark to keep him from getting too emotional?

Joe will tell him to enjoy it. He doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. He just has to go out there and play his game. He can't win the game by himself, but he should go out there and have some fun.

21. Who is mimicking Terrelle Pryor this week?

It depends on the play. McGloin is doing it some. Pat Mauti is in there when they're practicing against the option. Pryor has an awfully strong arm and a quick release, but when he takes off, he's a tough guy to get. It's going to be interesting.


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