OSU: Lions Buck Ohio State to go 9-0

Get the lowdown on what went down with Penn State's showdown with Ohio State at the Horseshoe on Saturday night.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — No. 3 Penn State is at No. 10 Ohio State Saturday, looking to win in the Horseshoe for the first time since joining the Big Ten in 1993.

Check back to this file for updates from before, during and after the big game.


• Two and a half hours before the game, temperatures were in the 50s and it was breezy outside the stadium. Inside, the wind seemed to be impacting the goalposts you will see to the left of the field on the telecast. The flags atop the goalposts on the right side of the field were not moving. Forecasts are calling for temperatures to drop as kickoff approaches. No rain is expected.

• Outside the stadium, fans do not appear to be overly wound up. There is a solid showing of PSU fans in the parking lots (at least the areas we saw).

• PSU guard offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski is wearing a heavy brace on his left knee but is warming up and looks fine.


OSU won the toss and took the ball. Pryor mounted a drive picking up a few first downs, but PSU's defense adjusted forcing a third and long and an OSU punt.

PSU came out aggressive, moving the ball, but was hurt by an offensive pass interference call on Butler forcing a punt.

The next OSU drive was dominated by Bowman as PSU snuffed out the Buckeye rushing attack and forced another punt.

PSU mounted a 40-yard drive thanks to a defensive pass interference on Butler, but again PSU was forced to punt it away.

Ohio State 0 Penn State 0


OSU's drive got cut short after a replay showed Robinski short-hopped a Pryor pass.

PSU started the next drive on their own 35, but again had to punt.

Ohio State started inside their ten, but thanks to a blown coverage Pryor hit a 53-yard pickup through the air. Despite the big pick-up the defense stiffened and forced another punt.

On the next drive Clark hit Zug for a 49-yard pickup toss into the redzone. Kevin Kelly broke in the scoreboard with a 31-yard field goal.

Penn State 3 Ohio State 0

Penn State's defense held, but with a generous spot and a jump ball from Pryor to Robinski, OSU managed to tie it up on a 41-yard field goal.

Penn State 3 Ohio State 3


First Downs: PSU 8 OSU 6
Total Yards: PSU 144 OSU 147
Passing Yards: PSU 91 OSU 131
Rushing Yards: PSU 53 OSU 16
Total Plays: PSU 29 OSU 31
Penalties: PSU 1/15 OSU 2/18
Turnovers: PSU 0 OSU 0
TOP: PSU 15:03 OSU 14:57

Clark: 8/14, 91 yards, 5 carries for 17 yards
Royster: 7 carries for 21 yards, 2 catches, 13 yards
Williams: 2 carries for 15 yards, 2 catches, 1 yard
Zug: 1 catch, 49 yards
Brackett: 1 catch, 18 yards


Penn State got the ball to start the second half and moved the ball with Royster, picking up the initial first down of the drive. Shockingly they had to punt.

On the ensuing drive, Pryor dinked and dunked a series of third down passes resulting in an OSU field goal.

Ohio State 6 Penn State 3


Ohio State started running the ball with over 11 minutes on the clock, OSU faced a third and short. Pryor kept the ball, but Rubin punched it out as Sales and Bowman recovered.

With a short field, Penn State subbed in Devlin for Clark after he took a hit on the previous drive and was observed for a potential concussion. Devlin led the team to the first tochdown drive of the game, punching it in on third and goal from the one.

Penn State 10 Ohio State 6

Penn State's defense held (as did the Ohio State offensive linemen), forcing a punt to the PSU 38. On the first carry Rosyter drew a 15-yard facemask penalty. Royster then picked up a first down on the next carry with 3:51 left.

Kelly split the uprights for another three points.

Penn State 13 Ohio State 6

Kelly nailed the kickoff for a touchback. Pryor got some incredible help from a boatload of holding, but as he launched one into the endzone Lydell Sargeant pulled in the interception to seal the victory.



First Downs: PSU 18 OSU 14
Total Yards: PSU 281 OSU 287
Passing Yards: PSU 121 OSU 226
Rushing Yards: PSU 160 OSU 61
Total Plays: PSU 58 OSU 60
Penalties: PSU 1/15 OSU 4/48
Turnovers: PSU 0 OSU 2
TOP: PSU 30:59 OSU 28:34

Clark: 12/20, 121 yards, 8 carries for 40 yards
Devlin: 3 carries, 3 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 19 carries for 77 yards, 3 catches, 20 yards
Williams: 3 carries for 16 yards, 3 catches, 13 yard
Zug: 1 catch, 49 yards
Brackett: 1 catch, 18 yards

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