OSU: The High Five

Penn State moved to 9-0 on the season with a tough road victory over Ohio State in Columbus. See the highs and lows from the Horseshoe showdown.

See the highs and lows from Penn State's victory over Ohio State in Columbus.


Gotta Have Faith: In another PSU-OSU defensive classic, the Nittany Lions could have easily packed it in and accepted yet another loss in Columbus. But not this team. All they needed was an opportunity to exploit and pull away from the Buckeyes.

Turn It On: And who created that opportunity? Mark Rubin, who endures his fair share of fan criticism. On third and short, Terrelle Pryor ran right and Rubin grabbed him, poking out the ball and causing a mad rush for the pigskin. Finally Navorro Bowman cradled it.

Max Devlin: With Daryll Clark dazed from a helmet hit, the coaches sat him down and put backup Pat Devlin front and center. Devlin took Rubin's forced fumble and marched the offense down for the only touchdown of the game. Talk about coming off the bench and making an impact.

Bustin' Beanie: PSU's defense may have had a lapse on a few of Pryor's jump balls, but it put Beanie Wells on complete lockdown, holding him to a mere 55 yards on 22 carries (2.5 YPC). Aside from that, the defenders tied up Pryor's hyped legs, holding him to six yards on nine carries (0.7 YPC).

Better Late: Evan Royster had a mere 21 yards in the first half. But when it counted he showed up, rushing for several key first downs in the final minutes of the clash and ending the night with 77 yards on the ground and 20 through the air.


Officially Weak: It's pretty bad when the announcers like Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit are pointing out holding calls and wondering why they were not called once in this game. Toss in some questionable spots and all-around weak officiating and it is just another obstacle the Nittany Lions had to come over. Someone please check with Aaron Maybin and see if he would like to file charges on violations he endured.

Don't Conserve: There were some strange flashbacks for PSU in this game to the conservative approach of season's past on both sides of the ball. PSU's offense went to up-the-gut and short passes in the third quarter, while the defense went prevent toward the end. Hopefully, the coaches got this out of their system and revert back to the "Spread HD" from here on out.

A New Story: Someone please get Brent Musberger some additional tidbits to tell during the game. There are only so many times fans can here "The Nittany Lions have not won in Columbus in 30 years, folks" and "Did you know Terrelle Pryor is from Pennsylvania, yet plays for Ohio State." I guess now that Brent has to scrap the first line he'll have to revert to "JoePa was born in the same year as Castro, Queen Elizabeth and Hugh Heffner."

Fan Faith: I have to say I was disappointed with many of the fans who were in FOS' Premium Chat and ready to pack it up heading into the fourth quarter, saying, "This game is over." Come on guys, show a bit of the heart this team has. Either way, it's a great example that "it's never over until it's over.'

Now You Know: It's incredibly clear that the "O" in "OSU" does not stand for originality. Nearly every OSU sign during ESPN's College Gameday show was some weak swipe at Paterno being old. Yeah we know he's old, the world knows he's old ... but thanks for confirming it.

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