Monday Morning Fullback

Former Penn State fullback Matt Hahn gives his insight on the Nittany Lions' clutch win over Ohio State in Columbus.

Welcome to the latest installment of's Monday Morning Fullback, where former Penn State football player Matt Hahn breaks down the Nittany Lions' most recent game. You've heard of Monday morning quarterback. Well, in covering PSU football, we think hearing from a fullback is more appropriate. And who better to chime in than Hahn, one of the more versatile, intelligent and selfless power backs in school history.

GENERAL THOUGHTS: If you love defense, this game was the game to watch. Both defensive lines dominated at the point of attack. Beanie Wells never established himself and Evan Royster had a somewhat quiet game until the end.

GAME MVP: Navarro Bowman was all over the field Saturday night. He was making tackles, tipping passes and recovered the fumble after Mark Rubin stripped Terrelle Pryor. You won't see a better-played game out of a Linebacker than the game Bowman played.

KEY PLAY: The play of the game is obviously Rubin's strip on Pryor that led to the Lions taking the lead and ultimately winning the game. Rubin played a significant role all night in stopping the run as he continually played in the box and stepped up to help contain both Pryor and Wells.

WHAT I LIKED: Penn State winning the tough game. If you weren't a Penn State believer before, you have to be now. The Lions overcame adversity and battled all night long. The poise the Lions showed cannot be measured by any type of statistic. QB Darryl Clark left the game at the most crucial moment for Penn State and the Lions did not hiccup. Pat Delvin displayed that little extra spark that this team has been displaying all year long, the “it” factor that all championship teams possess.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: What's there not to like about this game. Penn State came into an environment where it had not won in 30 years and beat the Buckeyes in front of the whole college football world.

DID YOU NOTICE: A.Q. Shipley and Rich Ohrnberger giving Clark an impromptu concussion test after the third-quarter run in which Clark hit his head? The two offensive linemen are not only great blockers and leaders but apparently great doctors, as well.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Penn State gets a much needed bye week to rest injuries and refocus. Next up after the bye week is Iowa, which could serve as a dangerous “trap” game for this team, especially coming off an emotional close win such as Saturday's.

Matt Hahn was a four-year letterman at Penn State, averaging 4.5 yards per carry and 7.9 yards per catch in his career (2004-07). He was one of the key blocking backs for 1,000-yard rushers Tony Hunt and Rodney Kinlaw. He is one of the few players in school history to register touchdowns on the ground, through the air and after recovering a blocked punt.

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