Cain Sets It Straight

Michigan safety <b>Samad Cain</b> was once rumored to be a Penn State lean. Is it true? Does another team have the lead? Will he visit Penn State?

Name: Samad Cain
Position: Safety
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Detroit, Mi. (King HS)

Coach Ron Vanderlinden has again been busy working his home state of Michigan, trying to steal a few gems, like the Wolverines have stolen from Pennsylvania over the last five years.  Last season, Penn State signed RB Tim Shaw and DE/DT Edward Johnson out of Michigan and this season the Nittany Lions' name has been linked to a handful of the state's top prospects.

Detroit (King HS) safety Samad Cain is a player being recruited by Vanderlinden and the Nittany Lions.  Although he hails from the same high school as current Lion senior, Anthony Adams, Samad has only met Anthony briefly.

"I've met him before.  He left King before my freshman year."

While it was once rumored that the Nittany Lions are the leader for Samad's services, the Nittany Lions actually place third on his list behind Virginia and Minnesota, who are tied.

"I'm from Virginia [Richmond originally], so it's a family roots thing.  Plus they have a good program.  They're very young and upcoming program.  I feel very good about Virginia."

"At Minnesota, the coaches at the program care about the kids.  I want to go somewhere where they care how I am and just not about football.  It's not so much their program or record, it's that they care."

At this point, Samad has not received any offers.  He has, however, scheduled two visits and knows what schools will get the other three.  Samad will travel to Purdue on January 13th and Minnesota sometime in late December (he was unaware of the date).  Notre Dame, Virginia, and Penn State will all receive visits, though those the dates have not been finalized.

 What does Samad like about the Nittany Lions?

"I like the defense.  I like that they don't have any individuals on the team.  They're not trying to go all out.  It's a team .  That's what my coach preaches to us."

Coach Vanderlinden still calls Samad on a weekly basis and like all the schools on his list, continues to recruit him strictly as a safety.

"They say I'm the top guy [at safety], so if they get me, they're done."

At this point, Samad does not have a great deal of interest for the in-state, Big Ten schools, Michigan and Michigan State.

"Michigan is recruiting me, but I don't want to go to Michigan because my teammate [redshirt freshman Ernest Shazor] went there and he's not playing yet.  I know he's good enough to play now, but I don't want to sit behind him."

"Michigan State is still recruiting me, but they don't have a coach.  So I'm just trying to feel them out right now."

Cain, who also plays cornerback, finished the season with over 100 tackles but no interceptions for King HS.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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