IOWA: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed big-time in Penn State's stunning loss to the Hawkeyes?

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Grades from Penn State's upset loss to Iowa Saturday.

OVERALL: We've been wondering what would happen if PSU played a game where everything clicked. We didn't expect an outing where next to nothing clicked.
Grade: C-

OFFENSE: This unit had 86 yards in the second half and blew great field position several times.
Grade: D+

DEFENSE: Played well enough to win in spots but could not get the job done with the game on the line
Grade: C

SPECIAL TEAMS: Kevin Kelly got the job done but overall a lackluster effort. The Lions got nothing out of their return game.
Grade: C

COACHING: Tough to blame this on strategy. A lack of execution was the bigger issue.
Grade: C+

INTANGIBLES: Penn State didn't play with its typical passion in this game.
Grade: D

OTHER GUY: The Hawkeyes hung tough and made plays when it mattered.
Grade: B

OFFICIALS: Horrible day for the zebras. Fortunately, the poor work was balanced against both teams.
Grade: F

CROWD: Good group but the stadium was not full. As an aside, there was a serious lack of security at the end of the game. It was dangerous.
Grade: B

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