Hear what the Nittany Lion coach had to say about the tough loss to Iowa and this week's game vs. Indiana.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno met the media at his weekly press conference Tuesday, and spent much of the session looking back at the Iowa loss and not so much of the session looking ahead to Indiana.

You can hear the entire PC at the link below.


Here is a recap:

1. The offense has scored three touchdowns in the past 2 games. Is that a reflection of the offense or the defenses you've played?

It's a little of both. The offense hasn't scored touchdowns when the opportunity has been there. They have had some penalties in the red zone that hurt. But you can't take away from Ohio State and Iowa, which played a really good game.

2. How are Josh Gaines and Drew Astorino and how did that impact the defense?

Gaines could have helped at the end of the game with the pass rush. Joe thinks he will be ok. He didn't practice yesterday. Astorino gives them another guy they can put back in the secondary. He had not practiced

3. Daryll Clark has been bearing himself up over his performance the past 23 games? Can you comment on his recent play?

He's being too hard on himself. They've dropped some passes recently, which hadn't been happening. A couple of those catches would have allowed them to kick a field goal or something. He told Daryll at practice yesterday that he was being too hard on himself.

4. How do you bounce back from a tough loss?

Joe is looking forward to getting things going again. He reflected on some of the tough games they have lost over the years. In 1982, they got creamed in the middle of the year by Alabama but came back and won the national championship. In 2005, they lost at Michigan on the last play of the game, but they bounced back. Joe hopes the players feed off each other and off of him.

He liked the way the team looked at practice yesterday. He thinks they will bounce back.

5. How will the experience of the seniors who were on the 2005 team help this group bounce back?

The seniors and the kids who redshirted that year have won three bowls and if they can pull it off this year, they'll have won 2 Big Ten championships in 4 years.

You just peck away and get ready for Indiana. You can't worry about what might have been. Joe thinks the team will be ok.

6. Did you address the 1999 season with this team?

That was a different cast of characters. They had 2 superstars who got drafted 1-2 in the following NFL draft. That was a long time ago. It's hard for Joe to remember why they couldn't get that team to regroup. It has to do with the personalities on a team. Joe doesn't know if kids were too busy worrying about the future. He knows they flopped and he wants to make sure that doesn't happen this year.

7. Do you have any idea why the dropped passes occurred now versus earlier in the season?

No. The team practiced well last week. Sometimes you catch a break now and then. Forget the loss and look ahead to the next one. They dropped more passes on Saturday than they had in games and practices combined this season. The receivers caught everything in pregame warm-ups.

They're human beings. They want to make big plays and get a little careless. You get down and want to make something happen. You end up making it harder on yourself. Daryll Clark is doing that as well.

8. Was there any consideration of playing Pat Devlin a series or two on Saturday?

Yeah, there was some thought given to it. Joe thought Daryll wasn't playing that badly. He was playing a good, solid football game and then threw the interception on a tough throw into the wind. Joe second-guesses himself about taking the wind in the 3rd quarter. They were dominating the game in the first half, and Joe thought they could take control of the game in the 3rd quarter.

9. Iowa seemed like they blitzed a lot more in the second half than they had all season. Do you feel like you handled the pressure well?

The line did worse in the first half. They weren't ready for a couple of twists. It wasn't the blitz. They just got beat up front a few times and that hurt. They didn't make a big play when they had the wind in the 3rd quarter and had a chance to put the game away.

10. Is it tougher to go undefeated now than in decades past?

Joe thinks it is because there is more parity. There are more good kids out there. There is more TV exposure so coaches can see the kids they're going to play more often. You have to have a little luck in a game where you're not playing your best to go undefeated.

11. You didn't have sideline heaters at Iowa. What's your feeling on that?

Joe has never felt the team needed them. He doesn't like them because when players come off the field, they immediately go to the heaters. They bring enough clothing with them to keep everybody warm. It doesn't make for good sideline discipline. That doesn't mean there aren't some guys on the coaching staff who agree with him.

12. Is there a correlation between being cold and dropping passes?

Joe doubts it. The wind may have had an affect on things. It's been such a mild fall that they haven't had to be outside throwing into the wind. They've handled the noise on the road well. Joe has never felt that was important, but he might be wrong.

13. Regarding the pass interference call on Scirrotto, what's your reaction to the call?

It was a bang-bang call. It could have gone either way. There were one or two other calls that they sent to Dave Parry. They didn't get an intentional grounding call when they had Iowa's QB trapped on one play, but there were some calls that they got

14. Can you talk about Indiana?

Indiana at times looks very good. At other times, they have killed themselves. They were moving the ball against Wisconsin and then fumbled the ball and gave up a big return. They hustled. They're in the process of getting better. Like most young teams, they look good one week and the next, they don't play as well. They will come in here with a very determined group of kids and will be tough for Penn State.

15. How did the Wildcat formation get into the offensive scheme?

Part of the reason they did it was because they were concerned about running Clark after the concussion. They had the package ready because they didn't want to put Pat Devlin in there and run with him. Pat's a very good quarterback but he's a different kind of quarterback. He's not as much of a threat running the ball, so they decided to get Williams in there to provide the running threat from the quarterback position.

Joe was a shotgun tailback in 1944 and his team never huddled. You do what you think your kids can do the best. It isn't like one bunch of guys can do things just as well as another group of guys. Injuries can affect that as well.

16. How much of the scripted plays are exploratory plays to see what the defense will do against you?

You put down plays that you're comfortable with. They try for 12 plays, but if they don't have 12 plays, they will go for 8 or 10. You try to probe the defense to give you an indication of how the defense will play a certain formation. That helps you determine how to call things in the clutch.

They did a good job in the first half Saturday. They came away with 3 instead of 7 on that long drive. Joe felt the team should have had 17 points instead of 9 in that half.

17. How do you know a team is over a loss?

Joe won't know for sure until Saturday, but you can get an idea for how they're thinking. How they react to things at practice.

18. Are you still concerned about Clark's status and will we see Pat Devlin?

Joe doesn't know right now. They have a couple of kids bumped and bruised that he doesn't want to talk about. They'll play but he doesn't know how much they'll practice. They have to get some things established.

Williams ran the ball really well on Saturday. Devlin may be a bet5ter runner than the coaches have given him credit for. He's a really good football player

19. Is concern about him getting Clark injured a reason why he hasn't run the ball much this season?

That's part of it. He hasn't been running that much. They were scoring 40 points a game without him running much, so they were all right. Joe didn't think it was necessary to expose him to a lot of hits. Now they will probably have to drift away from that. That's why Williams got in there.

20. How much better of a runner is Clark than Devlin?

He's not that much better. Joe isn't going to move people around because they lost a game by 1 point on the last play. Joe is more concerned that the defense let them move down the field just like Michigan State did last season.

21. Do you find yourself looking back on the Iowa game more than usual?

Joe hadn't thought much about it since Saturday. Saturday was tough for Joe. He replayed the game 10 times in his head and didn't sleep much Saturday night. But Sunday, you have to get your head on straight. Joe watched Indiana tapes on Sunday and he's looking forward.

22. What can you do to make sure that the players refocus on the remaining games and leave Iowa behind?

If you have a good squad with good leadership, you'll be ok and Joe thinks he has that. Everybody has to go to work and say to themselves that they're going to get it done.

23. Are opposing quarterbacks getting too comfortable in the pocket? Should you blitz more?

Joe thought they had him running around a little bit. The problem is that if you start sending more people, then you give up someone in the secondary. You open yourself up to a big catch and run. All they needed was a field goal. If you don't get there

24. What is Bani Gbadyu's status? What's the status of Devon Still?

Still hasn't done anything on the practice field.

They used nickel packages a lot against Iowa. Gbadyu is not a first-string linebacker. When you're playing with three linebackers most of the game, then you need to rotate guys in there to keep everyone fresh. That wasn't the case on Saturday. Also, Gbadyu was hurt earlier this season. He missed some time and fell behind.

He's a good player, but they didn't use many linebackers in that game.

25. Indiana uses two quarterbacks. Do they do things differently depending on who's in the game?

Joe doesn't think so. They like their personnel. They're growing a football team and probably feel more comfortable using one quarterback over another in certain situations.

26. Reflect on Deon Butler's career now that he's about to break the career receptions record.

He's one of the great people that have ever played at Penn State. His parents made a lot of sacrifices to send him here as a walk-on. They didn't do a good enough job of getting him involved in the game on Saturday. Iowa was very sound. They didn't let Penn State make a big play. There were excellent defensive calls. The offensive coaches thought they could do some things with the tight end, but they dropped those passes.


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