CALLING CARD: Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams fielded a wide array of questions on the loss to Iowa, the upcoming game with Indiana and much more. Catch his comments here.

Derrick Williams fielded a variety of questions on his Tuesday conference call. Get a recap of his comments below:

On what he did Saturday night and Sunday:

"It wasn't really different. I stayed in the house - I am a stay at home type of guy. I went out for awhile."

On how they responded to Clark blaming himself:

"Everyone took it hard. On Monday we had a good practice. Today we'll have a better one. We picked him up and said there were 20 plays that could have been a difference. The thing with Daryll taking the blame just shows what kind of leader he is."

On what is being said to get this team past the loss and who is saying it:

"There is still a lot of fight in our players. People look back and no one...

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