Call Him "Even Steven"

Klein, Texas CB <b>Ashton Youboty</b> has narrowed his choices down to two schools. Does he have a leader? When does he plan on making his final decision?

Name: Ashton Youboty
Position: CB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 pounds
Self reported 40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Klein HS, Klein, TX

Which way do I go--Left or right?  What do I get to drink--Coke or Pepsi?  Who's hotter--Brittany or Christina?  These are the questions many of face each day and for the most part we make our decisions without giving it a second thought.  But how would you liked to be faced with the decision, "Where do I go to play college football--Penn State or Ohio State?"

Klein, Tx. cornerback Ashton Youboty put himself in that situation after canceling his visits to Tennessee and Oklahoma, earlier this month.  Right now, Ashton has a definite time frame in which to make his important decision.

"Hopefully before Christmas.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to either Ohio State or Penn State."

Ashton has already taken official visits to the two schools, witnessing the Penn State versus Nebraska blowout, and the Michigan versus Ohio State grudge match.  Now both the Nittany Lions and the Buckeyes are making a big push for Ashton's signature.  Last week, both schools had the coaches in charge of recruiting him, visit his home to speak with Ashton and his parents, who did not go on either of his officials.

Penn State defensive backs coach, Brian Norwood , came in first, visiting on Monday night.

"He basically talked to my parents and told them about their program.  I knew a lot about the program already because I went to football camp up there and the official visit.

On Wednesday night, Ohio State recruiting coordinator, Bill Conley came to see Ashton.

"He basically said the same things [as Norwood].  He stopped by our school first though and talked to my head coach."

Ashton claims no leader between the two.

"Basically I like both the schools that's why I haven't decided yet.  I can see myself living both places for four years.  So that's why I have eliminated both of my other choices."

There are a number of factors that Ashton will examine to help him in his decision making process.  In the past Ashton mentioned he wanted to sign with a school that also recruited another big time corner.  Does that wish still hold true?
"No.  Both places are trying to recruit corners, cause that's what they both need.  I'm pretty sure I'll run into another corner somewhere."

Does he expect to play early?

"Both universities talked to me about that.  They're both low on Db's and if I don't start, I could end up playing nickleback."

Taking in both home games at Penn State and Ohio State, how does Ashton compare the crowds at each of the locations?

"I like both the environments.  Both crowds were crazy."

Although Ashton lives in Texas, attending school in the north will actually bring him closer to his family.

"My mom wanted me to stay around here [Texas], but she also liked Penn State and Ohio State.  I have a lot of family in Philly.  It's one of the factors I'm looking at."

Both Coach Norwood and Coach Conley will be making their way back to Klein this week.  Norwood will be in-home Tuesday (12-10), while both Coach Conley and Head Coach Jim Tressell plan on coming in on Thursday (12-12).

When will Coach Paterno be making an in-home visit?

"He [Coach Norwood] said if I don't make a decision by Christmas, JoePa will make it after Christmas."

At this point, it looks like the best way for Ashton to make his decision would be to flip a coin because both schools are so evenly matched.

"I'm basically looking at everything.  Both schools came out even to me.  I asked myself, where can I see myself living for four years.  And I like both places.  Academically their both great schools.  Football wise, on my both trips, I got along with the athletes at both places."

"Right now I'm just 50/50.  I've just got to find a factor."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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