IU: PSU Knocks Off Hoosiers

Get a recap of what went down at Beaver Stadium as Penn State knocked off Indiana to go to 10-1 on the year.

Fresh off a crushing loss at Iowa last weekend, Penn State is back in Beaver Stadium to take on Indiana.

The eighth-ranked Nittany Lions carry a 9-1 mark into the game, including a 5-1 record in the Big Ten. The unranked Hoosiers are 3-7 overall and 1-5 in the league.


• Ninety minutes before kick, the grounds crew began taking the tarp off the field.

• Temperatures are in the 50s and there is a steady rain. There is very little wind, but overcast skies will give this the look of a night game.

• Parking lots were very slow filling up a couple of hours before kick. Looks like this will be the smallest home crowd of the season for Penn State.


Indiana came out and started to move the ball with Lewis, but with a holding call was forced into third and 20 and a punt.

Penn State got the ball and went three and out for a weak start to the day.

Indiana had a big 30-yard return, but had a three-and-out thanks to a forced throw-away of a Josh Hull blitz.

On the next drive PSU started to spread the ball around to put a drive together. As an aside Butler caught a nice pass which put him on top of the all-time reception list for PSU.

Penn State fell short and pooched the kick out of the field goal formation, downing it at the one.

On third an eight deep in their territory, despite the play clock running out, Rubin picked off a pass. However, on the next play Clark coughed up the ball resulting in yet another turnover.


Indiana got the ball back inside their own five and PSU forced a three and out. Penn State finally got on the board with a 38-yard touchdown pass from Clark to Williams.

Penn State 7 Indiana 0

Indiana answers with a 57-yard Thigpin touchdwon run.

Penn State 7 Indiana 7

On the next drive Penn State managed to mount a drive despite Clark taking a 15-yard sack. Kelly missed a field goal wide right.

Penn State and Indiana swapped the ball in a slow-moving second quarter. With the final minute left, PSU downed the ball at the 1-yard line.

Lewis was replaced by Evans at QB for Indiana. On the punt Stupar blocked it. After some weak clock management, Kelly's 35-yard field goal puts PSU ahead.

Penn State 10 Indiana 7


First Downs: PSU 10 Indy 5
Total Yards: PSU 206 Indy 144
Passing Yards: PSU 155 Indy 35
Rushing Yards: PSU 51 Indy 109
Total Plays: PSU 37 Indy 27
Penalties: PSU 1/11 Indy 2/20
Turnovers: PSU 1 Indy 1
TOP: PSU 16:33 Indy 13:23

Clark: 13/20, 155 yards, 1 TD, 5 carries, -2 yards, 1 fumble
Royster: 5 carries for 28 yards
Williams: 2 carries for 13 yards, 3 catches, 56, 1 TD
Norwood: 6 catches, 52 yards
Butler: 3 catches, 34 yards


Penn State started with the ball and put together a drive. Royster closed it out with a 19-yard touchdown run.

Penn State 17 Indiana 7

On the next Hoosier drive, the defense saw a spark and forced a three and out.

Penn State managed to mount another drive, spreading the ball around through the air. Kelly hits another field goal.

Penn State 20 Indiana 7

Despite a shoelace first down grab, Hull grabbed a key sack to force a Hoosier punt.

Clark tossed a ball to Butler into double coverage witch was intercepted.

The defense swarmed onto Lewis, snuffing out the drive. A botched punt gave PSU a short field to work with.

Penn State put together a sharp drive resulting in a touchdown reception on a slant route by Deon Butler.

Penn State 27 Indiana 7

Indiana started to put together an answer, but the defense stiffened stopping a fourth down attempt.


Penn State's next drive saw a heavy dose of Stephfon Green, but it was Williams who busted open the drive with a 36-yard touchdown run.

Penn State 34 Indiana 7

Again PSU stalled the Hoosier drive. On the next possession Devlin came in a QB, but PSU gave the ball right back.

The defense forced another Indiana punt.


First Downs: PSU 22 Indy 6
Total Yards: PSU 442 Indy 180
Passing Yards: PSU 257 Indy 57
Rushing Yards: PSU 185 Indy 123
Total Plays: PSU 80 Indy 54
Penalties: PSU 3/25 Indy 4/41
Turnovers: PSU 3 Indy 1
TOP: PSU 35:11 Indy 24:49

Clark: 20/36, 239 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 8 carries, 26 yards, 2 fumbles
Royster: 12 carries for 63 yards, 1 TD
Williams: 4 carries for 61 yards, 1 TD, 4 catches, 61, 1 TD
Norwood: 7 catches, 69 yards
Butler: 5 catches, 56 yards, 1 TD


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