IU: Report Card

See who made the grade and who needed to study more in Penn State's win over the Hoosiers.

OVERALL: No way this game should have been so close for so long. We know any 27-point win over a Big Ten team is an overall positive. But Penn State was not nearly as sharp as it needed to be, especially early.
Grade: C+

OFFENSE: More sloppy play and more points left on the field. The Spread HD is officially foundering. If it doesn't work in bad weather, that spells trouble for Penn State.
Grade: C-

DEFENSE: Would have given this group a better grade if not for the one drive where it gave up 76 yards and a score on only two plays. How weird was that?
Grade: B+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Outside of allowing one long punt return, we thought this group was one of the real differences in the game.
Grade: B+

COACHING: Sooner or later, the staff has to be held accountable for Penn State's extremely slow starts of late. Something is amiss in the game prep, though we are admittedly not sure what.
Grade: C

INTANGIBLES: After a brutal road loss, one figured the Lions would come out fired up to bounce back. Instead we saw another poor first quarter.
Grade: C

OTHER GUY: If some of our previous grades seem a little tough, that's because we're marking on a curve that takes into account how bad Indiana is.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: Nice job overall. Big improvement over the previous week's group.
Grade: B+

CROWD: Talk about a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately group. Between no-shows and boo-birds, you'd never know this team is on the cusp of a Big Ten title.
Grade: D


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