CALLING CARD: Aaron Maybin

See what Aaron Maybin had to say on a variety of topics during his conference call, including Gaines' health, Ringer's running, Senior Day and much more.

Penn State defensive end Aaron Maybin fielded questions on Tuesday in his conference call. Here is a recap of his comments:

On who he looks up to the most in the senior class:

"The guy I look up to the most is Josh Gaines. He's done it all and helped to show me the ropes as a young player. He gave me an idea of what it takes to be successful here. You have to respect how he does things."

On seeing the seniors in their last game:

"It's a happy time to see what they have contributed here, but sad to know they are not going to be here next year."

On Javon Ringer:

"He's a great running back. A great leader. A lot of the guys on that team rally around. We're going to have to shut him down to have success. He's so durable and is going to throw everything he has against us. We have to make sure we play four quarters of football because he gets stronger as the game progresses."

On how the defensive line is preparing for MSU's running attack with Ringer:

"I think the thing that we're focused on is...

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