SHORT REPORT: High Emotions

Find out what happened in Friday's emotional squad meeting as the team prepares to face Michigan State and the seniors prepare for their final game in Happy Valley.

Friday afternoon the Penn State football players and coaches held a squad meeting to review the final touches of the team's preparations for Saturday's clash with Michigan State.

At one point Joe Paterno got up to address the team and started talking about the potential impact the upcoming game can have on the team program; a second Big Ten title and BCS berth in four years.

"He started looking around the squad room and caught the eyes of some of the seniors," one observer said. "He then got into the impact the current seniors have had on the program and the chance they took on the program."

As Paterno started talking about what the seniors and their commitment to Penn State have meant to the program he became very emotional. "He just broke down into tears and talked about how much their belief in the program has meant, especially to him," another observer explained. "He said the chance they took on Penn State has changed the program forever and it will always be felt and appreciated."

"He started talking about the seniors and just lost it," an observer said. "It was pretty cool - he's so passionate about this group. I think [the seniors] were really moved by it."

Paterno passionately went on to tell the team how, above all else, the seniors deserve to go out with a victory and asked everyone to commit themselves to that on Saturday.

"I think it fired everyone up," an observer shared. is THE source for exlusive, inside coverage of Penn State football.


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