MSU: Rosy Day for Penn State

Penn State made a statement in blowout fashion over the Spartans, clinching the Big Ten title, the Rose Bowl berth and sending the seniors out with a big home win.

No. 18 Penn State plays host to No. 15 Michigan State at Beaver Stadium Saturday. For the Nittany Lions, a win will propel them into the Rose Bowl.

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Temperatures are in the 20s and it is windy. But the field appears to be in good shape. After PSU went without sideline heaters in a loss at Iowa two weeks ago, the Nittany Lion sideline has heaters and heated benches for this game.


Penn State has another slow start with a three and out with a Boone punt. Penn State's defense opens the series with a sack. The noise impacts MSU off the bat with a false start on their second snap. MSU managed to get out of a second and 14, but another false start put them in a third and 19 before PSU grabbed their second sack of the game.

On the ensuing drive Clark hit Norwood for a 49-yard strike. On third and goal Clark rolled out on a breakdown hitting Zug for a 5-yard touchdown reception.

Penn State 7 Michigan State 0

The defense forced a three and out and got the ball back on their own 10-yard line. Penn State started to mount a drive tossing in Williams at the wildcat formation, but was forced to punt it away.

The defense clamped down on the Spartans, giving Hoyer next to no time to throw. MSU is forced to punt.

Penn State put together a drive on the legs of Royster and hands of Williams.


With third and eight, Clark hits Royster on a screen for a for a 19-yard pickup. Then on a crossing route Norwood grabbed the ball for 26-yards.

Lawlor capped off an 86-yard march with a four yard touchdown.

Penn State 14 Michigan State 0

On the next drive MSU managed to mount some success with Ringer finding holes. On a play action Evans grabbed an 11-yard sack, ultimately forcing a third and 21 and a punt.

On third and 17 Clark hit Green for an impressive 37-yard gain. A few plays later Clark hit Zug out of the slot for a deep post pickup of 28 yards. Clark walks into the endzone for a 1-yard touchdown.

Penn State 21 Michigan State 0

On the next drive Scirrotto picked off a Hoyer pass deep in MSU territory. On the first play Clark went for broke, hitting Williams for a 32-yard touchdown.

Penn State 28 Michigan State 0

MSU put together a drive, but not without some struggles against the PSU defense. With a gift of a pass interference call despite the ball being out of reach Witovet helps MSU get on the board.

Penn State 28 Michigan 7


First Downs: PSU 10 MSU 11
Total Yards: PSU 257 MSU 123
Pass Yards: PSU 215 MSU 109
Rush Yards: PSU 44 MSU 14
Total Plays: PSU 35 MSU 41
Penalties: PSU 3/23 MSU 4/36
Turnovers: PSU 0 MSU 1
TOP: PSU 15:14 MSU: 14:46


Clark: 11/18, 215 yards, 2 TDs
Royster: 7 carries, 40 yards
Williams: 2 carries, 5 yards, 4 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD
Norwood: 2 catches, 75 yards


Michgian State opened the second half with the ball, making a little progress before the defense stiffened and forced a punt.

Penn State had to punt it back after a quick drive. And MSU gave it right back to the Lions. on the ensuing drive PSU threw out a blanaced attack, including a 23-yard run by Royster and a 33-yard Norwood catch.

Senior WR Deon Butler got in on the fun and caught a 4-yard TD off a slant route.

Penn State 35 Michigan State 7

On the next drive MSU went to the bag-o-tricks and it blew up on them as Hoyer got destroyed on a deep toss, intercepted by Sargeant at their five yard line.


Penn State put together a 96-yard drive, the longest of the season, capped with a 70-yard touchdown catch by Butler.

Penn State 42 Michigan State 7

Devlin stepped in and decided he wanted to get in on the fun too, hitting Butler for a 59-yard touchdown.

Penn State 49 Michigan State 7

Michigan State mounted another drive on the backups, but settled for a field goal.

Penn State 49 Michigan State 10

MSU got a late touchdown on the backups and backup backups. They also got a 2-point conversion.

Penn State 49 Michigan State 18



First Downs: PSU 19 MSU 23
Total Yards: PSU 557 MSU 322
Pass Yards: PSU 419 MSU 287
Rush Yards: PSU 138 MSU 35
Total Plays: PSU 67 MSU 76
Penalties: PSU 5/38 MSU 7/51
Turnovers: PSU 0 MSU 2
TOP: PSU 31:13 MSU: 28:47


Clark: 16/26, 341 yards, 4 TDs
Royster: 12 carries, 79 yards
Williams: 3 carries, 10 yards, 4 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD
Norwood: 5 catches, 127 yards
Butler: 3 catches for 133 yards and 3 TDs

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