MSU: The High Five

Penn State sent its seniors out is style with a rosy blowout. In doing so, the Lions captured their second Big Ten title in four years. See the highs and lows of the game right here.

Penn State made a statement against Michigan State as the Seniors closed out their careers with a big victory and their second Big Ten title in four years. See the highs and lows right here.


Senior Moment: For a group that has done so much for this program, it's great to see them get sent off with a huge victory. What is even better is that several seniors have landmark performances in this game.

Super Seniors: A special tip of the hat to several seniors who tore it up in this game; Deon Butler had three catches for 133 yards and three touchdowns, Jordan Norwood had five catches for 127 yards, Derrick Williams had four catches for 51 yards and a touchdown, Anthony Scirrotto and Lydell Sargeant each had an interception and Gerald Cadogan, Rich Orhnberger and A.Q. Shipley blocked for over 500 yards of total offense.

Simply 'D' Best: The defense came to play from the outset. What's amazing is that Bradley's boys shut down heralded running back Javon Ringer, allowing a mere 42 yards on 17 carries - 2.5 YPG. It's amazing to think how good this young unit could be in coming years.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: After much critcism, Daryll Clark had a career day, throwing for a stellar 341 yards, four touchdowns and not interceptions. Clark was much sharper, protected the ball well and made good all-around decisions. Hats off for a great bounce-back performance and leading this team to a Big Ten title.

Layin' the Lumber: One guy who deserves so much credit for putting his head down and laying the lumber is Dan Lawlor. Lawlor plowed lanes all day and even tore into the endzone for a rare touchdown.

Crowded House: The fans came and came big, with over 109,000 pouring into a frigid Beaver Stadium to give PSU a true home advantage. A great tribute to the seniors and this team for what they have accomplished this year.

No. 800: That's right, with today's win PSU posted it's 800th victory ever in football, only the sixth program to ever hit the 800 mark.

There weren't too many low points in this game, but there were a few to review.


Slow Start: Once again the offense had a slow start with an immediate three and out at the outset of the game. Luck for Penn State it was short-lived and they managed to post seven points in the first quarter and 21 in the second.

Elementary ABC: Can someone please help ABC-TV get some additional human interest stories? Yup, we all know Royster was a standout lacrosse player - you showed the same photo during the Ohio State and Iowa games. Yes, we know the colors were originally pink and black, but thanks for the reminder. Wait, Joe Paterno is old? Well, there you go, who knew? Come on guys, let's not mail it in for the Rose Bowl and break out the famous people born the same year as Joe.

Big Ten Benefits: Some one should check the Big Ten vision plan for referees, because the conference is seemingly getting ripped off based on some of the calls in this game, particularly the uncalled touches on fair catches and that early Christmas gift Dave Witvoet game MSU on that endzone pass interference call on Scirrotto.

Like School on a Saturday: What's up with D'Antonio calling his timeouts down by 31 points with less than a minute left? Way to prolong the agony and try to toss a wet blanket out. His move gets was like school on a Saturday - no class.

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