SHORT REPORT: Post-Game & Bowl Prep

Get an update on Penn State's post-game locker room scene and the latest on the bowl preparation plans for the Nittany Lions right here.

Following a BCS bowl-clinching win over Michigan State Saturday, the Penn State post-game locker room was "a mob scene." As one observer said, "it was chaos — everyone hugging and screaming and chanting 'Rose Bowl' and 'Big Ten Champs. It was wild and so much fun."

Head coach Joe Paterno said how proud he was to be part of the team because of the adversity it had overcome. "He said he appreciated the faith they have had in the program and each other," an observer said.

He also talked about how he loved the "intensity and fight" the players have shown all season when "next to nobody gave them a shot."

He specifically pointed to the seniors again and thanked them for their commitment and said they have made a great impact on the program and him personally. He was emotional, but not as much as at Friday's squad meeting.

He also gave the team this coming week off from practice to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. The team will regroup next Sunday and start with film sessions and practices for the Rose Bowl.

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