FOS-TV: Eight is Enough

Check out the numbers' game Penn State senior linebacker Tyrell Sales was playing last weekend in this installment of FOS-TV.

At the end of Penn State's 49-18 win over Michigan State last Saturday, some interesting stuff began showing up on the Nittany Lions' sideline.

Their were roses, of course, because PSU was about to clinch a Rose Bowl bid. And there were Big Ten championship hats and T-shirts, because the Nittany Lions were about to secure that, too.

Then, someone carried a set of huge numbers out of the tunnel — first came "2," then "0," then another "0" and then "8."

They signified the year 2008.

So what happened to those numbers? Well, we can report that one of them landed with Penn State senior linebacker Tyrell Sales. And we have video evidence to prove it.

Check out what he had to say about the number and much more below.


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