With backup Pat Devlin departed, how is Penn State's quarterback situation shaping up? Get the lowdown.

As broke early Wednesday evening, Pat Devlin has elected to transfer from Penn State and will miss the Rose Bowl. So where does that leave the Nittany Lions as as they prepare to take on USC in Pasadena?

Although Devlin did not participate in practice on Wednesday (he did participate in run sessions on Tuesday), the departure was not addressed formally by the coaches to the players.

The Impact

"I think the feelings are mixed, really," one observer explained. "He was close with some guys, like the receivers he threw to regularly — especially Graham Zug and [Brett] Brackett. But I think a lot of guys feel that if you don't want to be here, then don't."

As another observer said, "It sucks for the players to lose a teammate. But if the Rose Bowl isn't enough to have you stick around, then you shouldn't. He did what he has to do, but this team has a game to focus on."

Depth Charges

As of Wednesday's practice, here is how the depth chart broke down at quarterback:

Daryll Clark
Paul Cianciolo
Derrick Williams

Brackett, a former high school quarterback who initially played the position at Penn State, has continued to see his reps at wide receiver.

Practice Report

On Wednesday, after the standard stretching and warm-ups, the quarterbacks spent a lot of time on Drill 6 (7-on-7) work. This included Williams, the team's multipurpose threat, seeing significant snaps at quarterback and actually throwing the ball.

"Obviously, the coaches are trying to develop a contingency plan," an observer said. "Paul is the backup, but Derrick is working to get down the [quarterback] role beyond the basic Wildcat package they have built for him. Hopefully they don't need it, but they are preparing for it."

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