PC RECAP: Paterno Talks Rose Bowl

Joe Paterno addressed the media on Friday, discussing topics ranging from Pat Devlin's departure, the Rose Bowl, USC and more. Catch the recap here.

Joe Paterno held his Rose Bowl Media Day press conference on Friday. Here is a recap of some of his thoughts:

On the Rose Bowl:

"It's always been a great game. Brown played in the first Rose Bowl, so when I was at Brown they would always talk about that team. And when I came to PSU PSU played in it in 1923 and that team came up around the program. I remember that Ohio State-USC game when OJ Simpson had that great early run. There are so many rituals that go with it. It's fun and exciting. We got to play against a good team and a coach -- Richie Brooks - I really respect him and have gotten to know him and his wife."

On preparing the players who have never been to California:

"Who created the myth of California? Californians? It's exotic and they think there is a starlet on every corner. My job is to make sure we play a good football game. But they should have a good time and hopefully remember it the rest of their life."

On his feeling of Devlin's departure timing:

"I don't want to judge here. He's been thinking about it. The timing may have not been the best, but it was the best for him. He's a fine kid and a good football player. It's a loss. The timing - that was his call, it's his life and he had to do what was best for him."

On how Devlin's departure effects what they will do with Clark:

"I don't think it changes much. We have some good quarterbacks who are good leaders. Clark is a great leader and he's smart so we'll do what we do."

On who the third string QB will be:

"We'll see what we have to work with. We have had Williams in there and we'll see what he can do. But we're going to have see."

On keeping players happy:

"You want to be as fair as you can without misleading them. It's not easy. But every kid is different. I try to treat each kid as a unique situation. I consult with the coaches, but sometimes we disagree."


"They are a really good football team. I didn't realize how good they are on defense. They are so active and aggressive on defense. Pete Carroll does a great job coaching these guys."

On Pat Devlin departing:

"I talked with Pat and his parents. It was clear he was going to leave. I asked if he would consider going to the Rose Bowl. Pat was not sure and had not really thought about it. He asked what I thought and I said I thought it might be a distraction."

On getting back into things with his hip:

"Things are pretty good. I had to use a cane for like two days. Most of the time I walk around without the cane. I can't tell you [if I can stand for the entire Rose Bowl]."

On the painfulness of this year:

"I am a lot better. Sabastionelli did a great job. Just standing up I felt pain. . Right now I don't feel any pain. Last weekend we practiced Friday and Saturday because we had recruits up. Sunday we had the Senior Banquet, so last weekend was a long weekend."

On any planned conversations with Spanier:

"I have talked to Curley. We'll see but you guys are more concerned about this than I am. Graham Spanier has been good to me. I just get tired of recruits asking me how long am I going to be here."

On what he hopes the current players walk out of PSU with:

"I think the football and non-football experience are related. He needs to make a commitment and get better, he needs to deal with ups and downs. Hopefully they have learned from each other and help each other and they take that with them when they leave."

On how much longer he'll coach:

"Oh jeeze, I feel great. It's tough when you are in pain all day. Now I feel good. I tell you what I have had more pressure tests, temperature tests, more people checking everything and everything looks good. I think I am doing a good job."

On how this game can impact recruiting:

"It's kinda late in the recruiting season. The kids that we're after have seen us, but playing this caliber team in the Rose Bowl is a big opportunity and I think this will be a heck of a ball game."

On whether he thought Clark would become this caliber of QB:

"The guy who deserves credit here is Jay, Jay Paterno. He saw him and felt he could become a good quarterback. He's really come along and proved a lot of people wrong."

On the chance for a playoff:

"Well the President-elect seems to be behind it. I am not a polls kind of guy; there are too many people who don't see everything. I would like to see a playoff, particularly for the culture of the student-athlete. But I would like to see a playoff."

On Aaron Maybin:

"He's so quick. I knew he was going to be a good football player. He's a happy-go-lucky type guy, but he has a fire. He's a good football player."

On Maybin and Odrick submitting NFL paperwork:

"They have talked a little bit. That is just a question to get an evaluation. Kids would come to me like Mike Munchack and I said get out of here - the opportunity was great. Blackledge was the same way. So they'll get evaluated and see what happens."


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