FOS-TV: Shouldering the Blame

Penn State's Rich Ohrnberger and A.Q. Shipley talk about their temporary bump to the second team and more in this edition of FOS-TV.

LOS ANGELES — Blame it on infomercials.

That's what Penn State guard Rich Ohrnberger said when asked why he was late for a team breakfast last week resulting in a temporary demotion to the second-team as the Nittany Lions prepared for the Rose Bowl.

He was joking when he said it.

Ohrnberger and All-American center A.Q. Shipley were both busted down from their first-team jobs for Saturday and Sunday practices. Like Ohrnberger, Shipley was also late for a team breakfast.

Both were back with the first team Monday, though. And at the Lions' Media Day at the Los Angeles Downtown Marriott Tuesday, both took responsibility for their actions and said they understood why head coach Joe Paterno punished them.

Ohrnberger initially laughed and said he was up late the night before missing the breakfast because he was watching infomercials. Then he came clean and said his alarm was not set properly. Shipley said they both arrived at the breakfast in question about five minutes late.

You can see both of them talking about the situation in the file below. They also address Ohrnberger's performance at The Improv over the weekend, where he took the stage at the comedy club for a few minutes.

At the start of this clip, Ohrnberger talks about what Paterno said to him about the demotions.


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