Rose Bowl: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably as Penn State had its hands full in Pasadena.

OVERALL: Penn State picked the wrong time to play its worst game in recent memory.
Grade: D+

OFFENSE: We actually didn't think this group was that bad. All in all, we figured if PSU scored 24 in this game it would have won.
Grade: B-

DEFENSE: Give this side of the ball credit for rallying in the second half. But that second-quarter disaster can't be overlooked.
Grade: F

SPECIAL TEAMS: Not much to complain about here, either. Kicking, coverage and returns were all fine.
Grade: B+

COACHING: When a team self-destructs in a single quarter, something is not right with the coaching. Things were especially rough for the defense.
Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: Penn State never seemed to have any juice in this game.
Grade: C-

OTHER GUY: Not sure if this is the best team in the nation. But the Trojans exploited Penn State's awful second quarter to perfection, all but putting away the game.
Grade: A

OFFICIALS: Don't blame the zebras for Penn State's nine penalties. We thought the SEC crew did a good job.
Grade: B

CROWD: What an effort by the Penn State fans who traveled across the country. Incredible stuff.
Grade: A+

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