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FightOnState.com Recruiting Analyst

I like the versatility of this class. There are about 10 athletes who can play more than one position during their time in Happy Valley, depending on the needs of the team.

I rate the class above average for Penn State in that it addresses needs at defensive back, offensive line and wide receiver.

The addition of a top quarterback in Kevin Newsome is also vital since Penn State had not landed one in the previous two years.

Scout.com North Regional Recruiting Manager

No one seemed to give Joe Paterno and Penn State much of a chance to do anything this year, and all the coaching icon did was lead the team to a Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl.

Paterno and his staff are also closing in on a top-10 recruiting class, despite the fact that JoePa is not getting out on the road as much as he once did.

But Paterno has surrounded himself with great college football coaches who can recruit with the best of them, people like Larry Johnson, Tom Bradley, Mike McQueary and Ron Vanderlinden.

FightOnState.com Editor

Heading into the 2008 season, I thought Joe Paterno's uncertain contract status would have a negative impact on Penn State's recruiting. But the bottom line is it didn't. Though health issues prevented him from making a single recruiting trip, the Lions will still reel in a top-10 class that meets all of their most pressing needs.

For opponents, at least, it must be frightening to consider what Penn State will be able to do on the recruiting trail if Paterno is ever able to hit the road again.

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