NITTANY NOTES: Injury Report (Part II)

Get an exclusive off-season progress report on several more injured Nittany Lions, including Dennis Landolt, Stephfon Green and Sean Lee.

Penn State's training staff is working with several Nittany Lions who are coming back from injuries. In Part I - Injury Report we reviewed the progress of Jerome Hayes, Stefen Wisniewski and Evan Royster.

Here is the latest on several other players who were sidelined during the 2008 season.

Dennis Landolt, OL: Landolt hurt his left knee in the Rose Bowl and was replaced by Lou Eliades. Landolt is current rehabbing and going through an "interesting" process as part of his regimen.

"It's like Dance Dance Revolution," an observer said. "The [staff] pulls this pad out and he jumps around on it, based on what the computer tells him. It tests his strength, flexibility and mobility."

Landolt is expected to be fine and most believe he should be recovered come spring practice drills.

Stephfon Green, RB: The running back was sidelined in the Rose Bowl with what was initially thought to be an ankle sprain. Upon further review though the damage reportedly turned out to be much more serious. According to a program source, tests conducted when Green returned to the East Coast revealed he sustained broken bones in his right ankle and lower right leg.

Green underwent surgery in mid-January to repair the leg breaks. "He's going through a ton of rehab," one observer said. According to another observer, "Green is still off his feet for the most part. He gets driven around in a cart sometimes."

Green is expected to be out of action for up to three months, but that could vary depending on how rehab goes. "He's hitting it hard, but it's really early," said another observer.

Sean Lee, LB: Lee is recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee sustained last spring which forced him to redshirt this past year.

Lee has been continually pushing himself toward full recovery. "He does what he can get away with," one observer explained. "[The coaches] try to hold him back a bit, but he always wants to go all out."

Lee is able to participate in runs and has done so since mid-October, however "they sometimes tell him no in the middle of a run. They are cautiously working to get him to 100 percent for this season." Lee has been participating in all the conditioning drills to this point in the off-season, though.

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