PSU Pro Day Notes

Penn State played host to NFL personnel during a Pro Day Wednesday. The event featured a host of former Nittany Lions hoping to boost their stock for April's NFL Draft. Get exclusive news and notes from the event here.

Penn State held a Pro Day at Holuba Hall Wednesday. Here is a recap of our live reports from the event (these updates were ordered from most recent back):

  • Aaron Maybin thinks thing went extremely well for him. He did board work with the Dolphins and Giants. He is setting up trips to see teams and described it as a "whirlwind." He said Jack Crawford is awesome and will be an All-American and was happy to see Maurice Evans do well.

  • Chafie Fields is representing both Derrick Williams and Aaron Maybin.

  • Paul Cianciolo was the QB for the receivers and the WRs said he did a good job.

  • Lydell Sargeant ran between a 4.41 and 4.45 in the 40, an improvement from the NFL Combine. He improved his long jump three inches, to 10 feet. He was happy overall with the performance today.

  • Deon Butler stuck with most of his Combine numbers but ran the short shuttle in the 4.2 range. He ran a mini workout with Steelers and the Eagles are coming back to PSU to work with him and Jordan Norwood in the near future.

  • Derrick Williams ran between a 4.37 and 4.41 in the 40 and felt much better than at the Combine. He said he "just needed some of mom's chicken noodle soup," because he was ill at the previous event.

  • Jordan Norwood ran a 4.55 in the 40. Most of his numbers were a little better or similar to his Combine figures. He thought he did well.

  • Tyrell Sales weighed in at 231 and ran between a 4.57 and 4.63 in the 40. He hoped to be in 4.6 range, so he was really happy. Thought he did well in individual workouts. Benched 22 reps. Not sure if he'll get drafted, but excited to be in this situation.

  • Former PSU fullback Matt Hahn weighed in at 231 and ran the 40 at 4.70. He benched 225 25 times, four more than last year. He wants to take one last shot at the NFL, since last year he was limited with an ACL injury. Out of about 15 balls thrown to him he only dropped one pass.

  • A.Q. Shipley only did the personal workouts and is relying on his combine numbers. He told us he scored in the top one percent for Wunderlich Test at the Combine with a score of 40.

  • The offensive line coaches from Falcons and Giants met in a room beforehand with the linemen who participated to discussed what they wanted to see.

  • Shipley's meeting with Steelers last week went well. He has upcoming meetings with Philadelphia and Chicago.

  • Evans ran the 40 in the 4.7 range, which was a big improvement from the Combine, and he benched 22 reps. He chalked up his poor Combine performance to a "bad day at the office." He thought he did well Wednesday because he had a lot to prove. He weighed in at 270 and has no regrets about going out early. He "loves PSU" and "thinks Paterno is the best coach in the world," but thought it was his time to go.

  • Teams are taking some guys back into rooms to conduct "board work" to better gauge their understanding of the game and such. Maybin is currently involved in this with the Dolphins.

  • Shipley is talking to Falcons rep with his agent.

  • John Shaw and Matt Hahn are also working out for the NFL scouts.

  • Tamba Hali just showed up at the event.

  • Every NFL team has representation at the Pro Day; Carolina's John Fox was the only head coach present.

  • Hodges is at the event. He is as impressive physically as everyone has said according to Brennan.

  • According to Gerald Cadogan, Rich Ohrnberger put up a "big" bench number, but wanted Ohrnberger to have the opportunity to tell us directly, so stay tuned. (Note: Ohrnberger never returned to talk to the media).

  • Cadogan improved his broad jump to 8-foot-3 from 7-9 at the Combine. He was really happy with it and feels he did well in individual drills. He did not participate in the 40 or bench.

  • Jared Odrick was at the event, but respectfully declined to discuss anything.

  • Carolina coach John Fox was at the event, and left after the defensive linemen worked out.

  • Maybin weighed in at 253 pounds.

  • Aaron Maybin did not participate in the bench press. His first 40-yard dash was mid-4.5 and second was low-4.6. His vertical jump was 40.5 inches and broad jump was 10-10.

  • Sean Lee is at the event. He is anxious for the spring to start. He not sure where he will end up playing -- inside or outside. But he is comfortable with both. As an aside, he did not run a 40 at the earlier underclassman Pro Day.

  • Kevin Kelly kicked in the low 70 percents for field goals, which was not where he hoped to be. He feels he showed much improvement with his leg strength. He initially kicked seven field goals, then worked on distance and power, and then kicked 11 more FGs. Jeremy Boone held for him and Andrew Pitz snapped for him.

  • Josh Gaines put up 28 reps on the 225 bench. He also ran a low-4.9 40-yard dash and weighed in at 276 pounds. This is heavier than he has been at PSU. He is shooting to be between 276 and 280 pounds and is looking at the Pro Day as a great opportunity for him since he was not invited to the NFL Combine and there are NFL representatives there to focus on the other defensive ends (Maybin and Evans).

  • Anthony Scirrotto has a strained leg and will not participate in the Pro Day running events.

  • Among the first players to start their workouts was Mike Lucian. Lucian put up 21 reps on the 225 pound bench station. Unfortunately, his day was disappointingly cut short after pulling a hamstring in his first 40-yard run. "He's really upset, understandably so," one observer said.

  • Kicker Kevin Kelly struggled with his accuracy early in his first set of field goal kicks. However, as one observer told us, "He really pulled it up in the later sets." Kelly "really improved and showed great leg strength."

  • Running back Stephfon Green is at the Pro Day event and currently out of the immobilizer he has had to wear recently due to two broken bones in his leg.

  • Stefon Wisniewski is "thrilled" to be making the shift to center and sees it as a real challenge to step in for A.Q. Shipley. He is currently tipping the scales at 300 pounds and is "happy to make the move for the team." Penciled in to back him up are Matt Stankiewitch and Quinn Barham.

  • LaVar Arrington just arrived at the event, pulling up in his black Escalade with "massive rims."

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