NITTANY NOTES: Offensive Two Deep

With the Nittany Lions kicking off spring practice Wednesday, get an exclusive look at the penciled-in two deep on the offensive side of the ball.

Wednesday marks the start of spring practice for Penn State. Here's a look at the penciled-on two deep depth for the offense. Keep in mind, that this is the starting point the coaches are working with, which is based off previous experience and winter progress of the players.

The coaches have also been known to use the initial spring two-deep for motivational purposes.

As such depth chart can and will change in the coming week.

Offensive Line Two Deep

LT: Nerraw McCormack, DeOn'Tae Pannell
LG: Johnnie Troutman, Matt Stankiewitch
C: Stefen Wisniewski, Quinn Barham
RG: Lou Eliades, James Terry
RT: Dennis Landolt, Ako Poti

• Many observers are anxious to see Pannell in action and suspect he has the ability to break into the starting role "in short order" if he keeps up his progress.

• Off-season reports on Troutman have been strong, particularly since he's added around 11 pounds to his frame and is up to 322 pounds. There were suspicions he could be a candidate at left tackle also, but the staff seems to like him inside, particularly if Pannell progresses.

• Stankiewitch is expected to make a run at the guard position and some observers have indicated if Eliades doesn't make a move and Terry doesn't "fast track" his progress Stankiewitch could eventually shift over to the right side.

• There is a tremendous amount of buzz around Wisniewski, with strong feelinge shared that he could be an "outstanding center," thanks to his physical and mental make-up.

Tight End Two Deep

TE: Mickey Shuler, Andrew Quarless

• Not surprisingly, Shuler, a fifth-year senior, is penciled in as the starter to kick off spring drills. "He's got the experience and has been a solid tight end," an observer explained.

Quarterback Two Deep

QB: Daryll Clark, Kevin Newsome

• No surprise that the first-team All-Big Ten selection Clark is the starter headed into spring ball. Clark has been very "active and vocal" this off-season, particularly with the young wideouts. "He's also working a ton with Kevin [Newsome] to help him nail down the playbook and the [fundamentals] of his game quickly."

• All eyes are on Newsome, with a lot of observers anxious to see "how he'll perform." He's looked "solid" in winter drills, but "the spring's organized drills are entirely different."

Running Back Two Deep

RB: Evan Royster, Brandon Beachum

• With Stephfon Green sidelined while healing with two broken bones in his right leg, many observers feel the coaches will "take it easy on Royster," the anointed starter, this spring. That should mean a lot of work for Beachum.

• "That's a huge opportunity for Brandon," one observer explained. "Everyone expects him to see a lot of first team reps [this spring]."

Receiver Two Deep

WR(Z): Derek Moye, A.J. Price
WR(X): Graham Zug, Chaz Powell
WR(R): Brett Brackett, James McDonald

• Observers expect a lot of "lineup shifts" depending on the play and scheme. "They will shift Zug out in some sets. It really depends on what they are running."

• Many observers are anxious to see what Powell can do "playing the role Derrick Williams did." As one observer said, "He has the speed and build, but we'll have to see if he can pull it together — and consistently."

• There is also a good amount of interest to see how Price has progressed and "if he can show he deserves to be in the two-deep this early."

• In terms of McDonald, "he's a fifth-year guy, so this is it. He needs to really turn it on this spring to show the staff something. The deck isn't stacked against him this time around; he's competing with young guys, but he's got get it together to make an impact." is THE source for original, exclusive, inside coverage of Penn State football.


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