SHORT REPORT: A Passionate Paterno

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno's emotions have been running high this off-season. Find out why here in our latest exclusive Short Report.

It's been a rough 0ff-season for Joe Paterno. This time it's not related to any physical ailments, but rather an emotional one. "I've never seen him take a loss so hard," one observer explained talking about the Rose Bowl loss to USC.

As another observer told us, "Joe has been on a rampage since that USC game."

Paterno has been upset all off-season over the loss; at the coaches, at the players and at himself. "He's just [upset] at everyone."

"Joe feels we shouldn't have lost that game. He's upset that we were out-played and out-coached. It sure seems to be driving him though," according to one observer.

Despite the frustration, many observers feels it's driving the head coach this spring. "He's been dwelling ion [the loss], but I think he's also feeding off of it. He's had a nice burst of energy (in spring practice) and physically he looks great." is THE source for original, exclusive, inside coverage of Penn State football.


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