WEATHER: Blue-White Weekend

Get the Blue-White weekend weather forecast right here from WTAJ/FOS Chief Meterologist Joe Murgo.

Spring is a season of looking forward and for the Blue and White faithful, that often means looking forward to the teams up and coming talent. This annual preview game is notorious on bringing a wide variety of weather. It has been nice and comfortable, cold and wet, and stormy enough to bring an early end to the game.

None of the previous will be the case this year and the Blue-White game will bring us a preview of the summerlike warmth and humidity to come. This means that you should keep this in mind when preparing your game day apparel. We'll have a fair amount of sunshine with temperatures reaching into the lower 80s for the kick off.

Dewpoint temperatures will also reach higher than normal for this time of the year which will make for it to be a bit uncomfortable in the sun. Wearing light colored clothing is the best and keeping yourself well hydrated will be the safest. The sun is stronger for this game than it is for the fall football season and there's usually a lot of red faces by the end of the game. Protecting yourself with sunscreen will be a good move.

And since it's the Blue-White Game, you can pick your own seats. I would go for the shade. You will be more comfortable. As for the chance for rainfall, it's very small, but anytime you get this warm and humid this early in the season, there's always a slight chance for something to pop. The odds of anything passing over the stadium though is quite small.

Fight On State.

Joe Murgo
Chief Meteorologist


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