Report: Weed Spotted in Apartment

Local newspaper says campus police saw marijuana in an apartment shared by four Nittany Lions.

The Centre Daily Times in State College is reporting that Penn State Police spotted marijuana in an on-campus apartment shared by four members of the Penn State football team the night of the Blue-White Game.

The paper cited an application for a search warrant in reporting that police arrived at the apartment on the evening of April 25 “to assist residence life with dispersing a loud party.” The application stated that a fire alarm inside the apartment had gone off.

The CDT went on to report that upon entering the apartment, police spotted marijuana in plain view in the kitchen and could smell marijuana. That prompted them to file for a search warrant, which was approved by a judge in the early morning hours of April 26.

The CDT said police have not filed a “return” on the warrant yet and that a police spokesman said the investigation is “continuing.”

FOS will not release the apartment number or the names of the players police listed as living there unless charges are filed.

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