Taking His Talents Elsewhere

Thomas Clayton, a true freshman running back from Virginia, who played sparingly for Florida State, is transferring out. Where will he end up? Is Penn State a possible destination?

"Yes, he's getting ready to transfer," Thomas' dad, Thomas Sr., said Monday evening.  "He made the decision more or less on Friday.  He just didn't feel like he got a fair shake there at Florida State and he wanted to go ahead and move his talents elsewhere."

There are many possible destinations for Thomas Clayton.

"He hasn't made a decision on which one he wants to attend yet.  He's got several of them in mind: Nebraska, Penn State, Northwestern, Marshall, Vanderbilt, there are several of them.  There are probably others, we're just going to take it as we go.  We've been talking to all of them."

Are all of those schools expressing interest?

"Without a doubt."

Have those schools offered?

"Yeah, they're going to be offering him a scholarship.

"He's going to go right in to whichever school he chooses.  He doesn't have to wait until February.  He's going to have to sit out and take a redshirt year though.  He didn't redshirt with Florida State.

"I'm supposed to be going down to pick him up this weekend.  He'll get his letter of release tomorrow."

Before signing with FSU, Thomas took official visits to Penn State, Notre Dame, North Carolina and of course Florida State.

"Yeah, he's looking at Notre Dame as well."

North Carolina is not a possibility.

"No, if he goes there, he'd have to sit out 2 years, so he's not trying to do that."

Clayton expects to make a decision very soon.

"Within the week, probably within the next 2 weeks he'll be at one of the universities."

It will be interesting to see how interested the Nittany Lion coaching staff is in Thomas this time around.

"Coach Johnson is the guy that was recruiting him [last year].  His high school coaches are actually talking to the people, not me.

"But, I'm sure that's one of the ones that his coaches talked with."

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