Q&A: Bolden Stops By FOS Chat

FOS' Premium Chat was busy Monday night as Robert Bolden stopped by to talk recruiting. See what the PSU quarterback prospect had to say about his visit to Happy Valley, his recruiting situation and more.

Penn State quarterback prospect Robert Bolden fielded some questions from FOS members on Monday evening. Here is a recap of the Q&A provided by JagdPanther.

Robert Bolden Q&A Session:

General: His nickname is just, "Rob," (like PJ for Paul Jones). He is considering PSU, Louisville and a few others right now. He would like to wear No.1 where he plays and he doubts that he'd redshirt. Recruiting: Currently he doesn't have a time frame to commit but he hopes to get it wrapped up before the beginning of his senior season.

He does not know what he'll study in college yet. The recruiting process isn't tiring him out yet; his dad handles it, mostly, but it can get difficult at times.

He wants to make sure that to wherever he commits that that is the school to which he will ultimately go. He doesn't like the idea of decommitting ever. Bolden wanted to visit L'ville about a month ago but had to cancel, so he still wants to get down there and check it out. Currently he claims no leaders. He (or his dad) talk to the PSU coaches two to three times a week. Of the coaches he talks to Coach Vanderlinden and Jay the most. Occasionally he'll check the Scout or Rivals sites for fun. He likes them and appreciates the talk.

This weekend's trip: The best part of Bolden's trip to Penn State this past weekend was getting the chance to sit down with Coach Paterno. As for Penn State, he likes the school as a whole. Being able to walk to all classes is nice and downtown is just around the corner, basically.

He likes Coach Jay [Paterno] and could see himself working with Jay. Mr. Bolden loved PSU and talked to all the coaches. He likes that the PSU offense is pretty much everything, changing from week to week to meet needs. During his visit with Paterno, Rob and Coach talked about the camp and where he was being recruited.

"It was cool," according to Bolden. There was nothing about the PSU visit he didn't like; "It was all positive." In regards to this past weekend, Rob was impressed with the commits. He liked Adrian Coxson especially. Rob roomed with DeOn'tae Pannell this past weekend. Pannell said he was really happy with PSU and he kind of always knew he'd be going there. When they offered, he jumped at it. Pannell didn't push Bolden; he just kind of told Bolden how his own recruiting process had played out.

Personal goals, thoughts: This season he'd like to improve his team's record first of all, get faster, and improve his mechanics. He felt that Oregon has the best uniforms. Early on he talked with Michigan but has not been lately.

As of now he's never been to a Penn State game, and he is unsure about official and unofficial visits to any school this fall. The best moment of this past season for him was the last play of a 5OT game in the state championship; they lost, but it was a great moment all in one play. He's talking to his coaches to try and play safety but he doesn't think they'll let him. Bolden compares himself to former PSU QB Michael Robinson.

Rob feels it'd be nice if he and Earnest Thomas could go to school together but everyone has to make his own decision. Tony Jones is a guy that Bolden would like to bring with him wherever he plays. Bolden can't deal with the [Detroit] Lions. He "rolls with the Patriots." He also "rolls with the Lakers," and is big on Kobe Bryant.

Why PSU: The most important factor to him in searching for a school is the ability for him to get on the field. Rob became interested in PSU because he did his homework on schools and liked PSU so he figured he should go from there and learn more. As for Paul Jones and Kevin Newsome, they do not worry Bolden much. He feels he can compete with either for the job should he choose PSU. He also looks into the strength of conferences "a little," as some are more competitive than others, but it's not a big factor to him.


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